The Best Ad Network Platform In the PPC Industry

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A PPC advertising platform that links advertisers and publishers is called the 7Search PPC Ad network. To assist businesses to reach their target audience and maximize ROI, it offers competitive advertising rates, sophisticated targeting options, and a wide range of reporting features.

The keyword targeting technique of 7search is one of its distinctive features. Advertisers can set their own maximum CPC (cost per click) rates and bid on certain keywords. Businesses can use this to manage their advertising expenses and target consumers who are actively looking for their goods or services.

7Search PPC’s straightforward and user-friendly layout is another perk. Campaigns can be simply created and managed by advertisers, and the platform provides thorough analytics and reporting capabilities to assist companies to assess their success and monitor their return on investment.

Moreover, 7Search PPC provides a selection of ad formats, such as text, banner, and mobile ads. Depending on their budget and objectives, this gives advertising a variety of possibilities.

Yet, 7Search PPC has its share of difficulties, just like every other ad network. The network has drawn flak for having insufficient traffic and running subpar advertisements. Low conversion rates and fake clicks have also been reported as complaints.

In spite of these difficulties, the 7search Ad network can still be a useful resource for companies wishing to market their goods or services online. Advertisers may reach their target demographic and increase their ROI by taking advantage of its sophisticated targeting tools and competitive pricing.

What Does 7Search PPC Ad Network Do?

7Search PPC Ad Network is a platform that gives companies access to a huge network of websites where they can advertise their goods and services. Businesses only pay when a user clicks on their advertisement because the site uses a pay-per-click business model.

The network has over 30 million unique users, making it a great choice for companies looking to reach a large market. Among the advertising choices provided by 7Search PPC Ad Network are text ads, display ads, pop-under ads, and mobile ads.

A platform called 7Search PPC Ad Network enables companies to advertise their goods and services across a huge network of websites. The platform uses a pay-per-click business model, so advertisers only pay when a user clicks on their advertisement.

With over 30 million unique users, the network is a fantastic choice for companies looking to reach a large audience. Text advertisements, display ads, pop-under ads, and mobile ads are just a few of the advertising choices provided by 7Search PPC Ad Network.

Some Other Ad Networks

As a blogger, one of the most crucial components of making money from your website is advertising. Even though Google AdSense is a well-liked ad network for bloggers, there are a number of other ad networks that might help you boost your earnings.

The following are some other advertising networks to take into account:

One of the largest Google AdSense competitors is, a contextual ad network supported by Yahoo and Bing. They provide user-friendly interfaces that make managing your ads simple as well as high-quality ads that are performance-optimized.

For blogs with a lot of traffic, AdThrive is a fantastic option. In comparison to other ad networks, AdThrive offers a greater rate of pay per thousand impressions (RPM), outstanding support, and ad optimization services.

Infolinks is a cutting-edge advertising network that provides in-text, in-image, and in-frame advertisements that seamlessly integrate with your content. Also, they provide a selection of ad alternatives that can be modified to fit the style and structure of your website.

Sovrn is an advertising network that provides a selection of ad forms, such as native ads, video ads, and display ads. They also provide a selection of analytics tools that can be used to monitor the effectiveness of your advertising and improve its performance.

Popular with bloggers and website owners, PropellerAds offers a variety of ad types, such as native ads, pop-unders, and push notifications. They also provide a user-friendly interface and payments that are competitive.

Which Categories Does 7Search PPC Accept?

As a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising platform, 7Search PPC gives companies the chance to target specific audiences with adverts. Knowing which categories 7Search allows is essential when creating a campaign.

1. Finance Industry

7Search PPC will take business and financial-related adverts. Advertisements for investing, financial planning, and accounting services are included in this category.

2. Information technology

Ads for computer gear and software, technical help, web hosting, and other tech-related services can be found in this category.

3. Educational Services

Ads for educational services including tutoring, online classes, and academic materials are accepted by 7Search PPC.

4. Fitness & Health

Advertisements for healthcare professionals, diet plans, gym memberships, and other fitness-related services can be found in this category.

5. Residence & Garden

This category includes advertisements for home remodeling, gardening, cleaning services, and similar topics.

6. Internet marketing

Advertisements for search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, email marketing, and other digital marketing services fall under the umbrella term of internet marketing.

7. Careers & Jobs

Advertisements for job openings, career resources, staffing firms, and related services are accepted by 7Search PPC.

8. Animals & Pets

Ads for pet supplies, veterinary services, pet adoption, and other animal-related goods and services can be found in this category.

9. Real Estate

This category includes real estate advertisements for the purchase, sale, or rental of real estate. Listings for houses, apartments, and commercial buildings are included.

10. Travel

This category includes advertisements for travel-related services such as airline tickets, hotel reservations, automobile rentals, and vacation packages.


Thus, 7Search PPC accepts a variety of categories. Based on the services they provide or the target market they wish to attract, businesses can start tailored marketing. Advertisers must register for an account and have their advertising authorized in accordance with 7Search PPC’s rules and regulations. Hence, it’s crucial to maintain reading the rules to prevent rejection or suspension.