A Complete Guide on Designing Versatile Custom Mascara Boxes

Why do brands want stylish custom mascara boxes? The thing is that we live in a consumerism world. And everything is sold based on its visual appeal. And the same rule applies to the makeup industry. It is admitted that women are obsessed with eye makeup products. And it includes eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow.

Hence to boost their sales, the brands design eye-catching custom mascara boxes. As a result, it makes their brand popular and attracts makeup lovers. And in the end, it skyrockets their sales like never before. So, if you want to experience amazing sales give this blog a read!

Versatile Custom Mascara Boxes

Mascara is applied to the upper and lower eyelashes. It adds volume and depth to them. And it instantly makes your eyes look big and attractive. Hence its market demand is quite high. 

Since numerous makeup brands are in the market and you can stand out with the following designs:

• Partial cover packaging

• Han tab style

• Counter display box

• Reverse tuck end

• Dispenser style

• Two-piece box

Each style is beautiful and adds a new flavor to the packaging. Plus, these box styles are customizable in any stock, size, color, or print. 

Foil Stamped Custom Mascara Boxes

We all know that the beauty business is all about shine and glamor. So it’s important to design exclusive custom mascara boxes. It distinguishes your brand and impresses makeup lovers.

Thus, foil stamping is the trendiest design technique. Its results are on-point and stunning. The colored foil (gold, silver, green, copper, red, rose gold, and blue) permanently adheres to the surface. Are you thinking about how?

Well, the foil is transferred to the mascara packaging with high heat and pressure. Since it’s a dry technique, so there is no ink bleeding at all. As a result, the foil is permanently transferred to the specific area. You can apply this technique to the illustrations or the texts. 

Use of High-Quality Packaging Stock

Do you want to take your cosmetic brand to new heights of success? We suggest you use a premium packaging substrate. And you have various options to choose from. For example, you can pick cardboard, kraft, or rigid material.

But the majority of beauty brands opt for cardboard stock. It is lightweight, affordable, and planet friendly. And on top of that, it offers an unimaginable customization margin.

It means you can print any color or theme on cardboard custom mascara boxes. Wow, that’s awesome! Moreover, the cardboard offers exceptional durability and sturdiness. Hence you get amazing features in just one box. 

Attractive Packaging Ideas

Do you want your customers to recognize your brand from a distance? Well, it is important to focus on the images. The moment the customers look at the packaging, they should know that you are selling mascaras. You should print beautiful mascara images to magnetize the customers.

In addition, you can add tempting mascara descriptions to educate the buyers. Thus, you offer a complete package to the customers. And they eventually buy the custom printed mascara boxes. So that’s the magic of customized packaging.  

Custom mascara Boxes

Custom Printed Mascara Packaging

Mascara lovers always look for informative packaging. The thing is, nowadays, consumers prefer a smooth shopping experience. They want to go to the beauty store and pick up their favorite wholesale custom mascara packaging. And for that, it is important that your packaging should answer the following questions.

1. What is the brand name?

2. Is the mascara waterproof?

3. How to apply this mascara?

4. What is its price?

Hence once you print the key details, the customers add your product to the cart. So informative packaging is the best way to boost your sales!

Smart Packaging Designs

Some mascara bottles are thick, while others are sleek. Therefore, it is important to select the packaging that is a perfect fit for the mascaras. The accurate size mascara packaging offers amazing benefits. For example, it protects the mascaras from damage and prevents them from leakage or drying.

And it puts an end to packaging waste. The manufacturers prefer smart packaging because it is cost-effective. On top of that, it improves the customer’s unboxing experience.

Hence it establishes a strong customer-brand relationship. 

Wholesale Mascara Boxes: the Cost-Effective Option 

We all agree that the makeup industry is here to stay. It offers amazing products for all skin types. Moreover, the makeup manufacturers are very much have concerned about the packaging. It means everything to them. Your brand is a big hit if the mascara quality and packaging are up to the mark. Consequently, the demand influx increases, and you need more boxes to keep up the pace.

So, ordering wholesale mascara boxes is the best option. It is cost-effective and ensures smooth business operations in the long run. You get amazing discounts on high-quality boxes. And you don’t need to reorder, and you pay the shipment and delivery charges once.

Hence it saves fuel, labor, and transportation cost. And it keeps the business and the planet happy!

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