Canada Express Entry – Documents and Eligibility

If you aim to get Canadian permanent residency, one of the best pathways is applying through the express entry system of Canada. One of the best things about immigration to Canada express entry is that you do not need any job offer. Express entry is also known for its quick processing time compared to other pathways, leading to the highest chance of being selected.

If you want an opportunity for Canadian citizenship, the express entry pathway is considered the best. It has one of the highest success rates for applications. In 2023 alone, the Canadian government has plans to issue thousands of express entry visas. 

Documents Required for Canadian Express Entry

Technically, you are not required to upload documents when creating an express entry profile. However, the authority needs certain information related to the below-mentioned documents for your profile. These documents include the following:

  • Proof of funds
  • Proof of work experience
  • If you have any one of these documents:
    • Certification of qualification in a trade occupation issued by a Canadian territory or province
    • Written job offer from any Canadian employer
  • Provincial nomination (if you have it)
  • Proof of Canadian education or a report of educational credential assessment for immigration if:
    • You want to get points for international education outside Canada, or
    • You are applying through the Federal Skilled Workers Program
  • Language test results
  • Passport or travel documents

Eligibility Requirements of the Canada Express Entry Under Different Programs

The Canadian government chooses people based on their skill sets and capability to contribute to Canada’s economy. However, the eligibility requirements specifically depend on the kind of immigration program you go for under the express entry system. 

The eligibility requirements for all the programs include the following:

Federal Skilled Worker Program

The minimum requirements for this program include education, language ability, and work experience. The work experience means that you should have worked in one of the TEER categories of the NOC or the National Occupational Classification. There are different specifications depending on how much work experience you should have for full-time, part-time, and student work experience. 

Your language ability should be a minimum score of 7 CLB in writing, reading, listening, and speaking French or English. You need to enter the original score you obtained in your express entry profile. 

As per your education, if you go to any Canadian institution, you must have a degree, diploma, or certificate. If you have foreign education, you must have an ECA or Educational Credential Assessment from a designated organization for immigration purposes and a completed credential. 

Canadian Experience Class

Minimum requirements for this program include meeting the language ability and having at least a year of skilled work experience in Canada within three years before your application. You need specific work hours in case of a single full-time job or more than one job. 

However, you are ineligible for this experience class if your work experience in Canada was received without the temporary resident status, working without any authorization, and are a refugee claimant in the country. For immigration to Canada via express entry through the Canadian experience class; you do not need to meet any education requirement. 

Regarding the above requirements for the experience class, specific exemptions are made for foreign physicians. So if you are a physician, you must check the exemptions you may get. And it will simplify getting a visa through express entry. 

Federal Skilled Trades Program

The minimum eligibility requirements for this program are meeting the language ability and having a minimum of 2 years of full-time work experience within 5 years before applying. You will also need to meet the specific job requirements for the skilled trade you are experienced in as had been set out by the National Occupation Classification.

For the federal skilled trades program, you will need a full-time job offer for at least a year. Or you can also have a certificate of qualification that the Canadian federal authority, territory, or province might have issued. Before filling in your information for the express entry visa, you need to check the group you find for different trades under the National Occupational Classification. 

You do not need any educational requirements to get skilled worker visa Canada. But education from a foreign or Canadian institution will boost the score in the express entry pool.


Getting an express entry visa or the skilled worker visa in Canada is one of the pathways to getting permanent residency in Canada. One must have all the required documents in order before making an express entry profile. It helps to make the process smoother and fast-paced.