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Accessibility Remediation Services: Why You Should Know About It

Empowering Digital Inclusion Through Accessibility Remediation Services

If the organization delivers a seamless user experience, it must be entirely digitally accessible. Admittedly, accessibility has been the pipeline for a long time in the realm of app and web development. 

It documents that many organizations across the length and breadth of the world want to attain digital accessibility. Yet, they fail to meet the customer's expectations because of a lack of expertise and resources to develop an inclusive user experience.  Accessibility Remediation Services are the need of the hour.

It assumes significance on accessibility testing that should be on-going programs such as privacy and security, unlike the checkbox item conducted when it fits deemed. 

What is Accessibility Remediation? 

Accessibility remediation is vital considering digital generation. Its main tenant is that digital assets should be accessible to anybody, including people with disabilities.


It encompasses optimizing design, code or application, or features associated with a website. The reason is that users can easily access digital products. Therefore, Digital Accessibility Services are indeed worthwhile.

Admittedly, accessibility remediation might appear complicated for many, but there are some basic concepts that everybody should be familiar with. For this reason, it is important to comprehend ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) and section 508. 

You should comply with these mentioned laws that help people with disabilities to conveniently and easily access your digital products sans hassle. 

What Is Section 508?

The Rehabilitation Act needs Federal agencies to develop electronic and information technology to be accessible to people with cross disabilities. These laws add to contractors, employees, and public members who access services or information from Federal agencies. 

Moreover, it also deals with commercial businesses, a non-profit organization that develops information technology or procures electronics. So, Accessibility Remediation Services are imperative. The law states ICT (Information and Communication Technology) must satisfy a certain degree of accessibility. 

What Is Website Remediation? 

The skyrocketing demand for website accessibility continues unabated due to the ever-increasing requirement for accessible design is a vital part of website remediationTherefore, make your digital product accessible to help people with disabilities. 

This demand prompts you to have auditing done on your website regularly to ensure its accessibility and helps to stay ahead of the curve from the competitors.

How to Perform Website Remediation?

To have your website accessible, you need to have a strong strategy in the beginning. This strategy provides you valuable information about accessibility in the direction of finding out priority tasks with appropriate deadlines for completion. Some of the accessibility examples are given below:

  • Text can be readable by increasing the font and size.
  • Organizing information through headings and subheadings
  • Navigational levels should be precise and clear  
  • Include Alt Text for images 
  • Includes video’s caption and subtitle
  • Offering an audio image description coupled with other visual content 


What Is Document Remediation?

There are varied types of business documentation that require being accessible. But the list is not limited to the following:

  • PowerPoint
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • PDFs
  • HTML web page
  • Training materials
  • Memos 
  • Letters 
  • Reports 
  • Email 

What Are 508 and ADA Document Remediation? 

508 and ADA both documents are expensive. Despite that, they are vital to ensure that people with cross disabilities must access the same level of information and access like other regular users. So, Accessibility Remediation Services are worth it.

Before incorporating this, you should consult accessibility remediation experts to show which document needs improvement in light of accessibility guidelines. 

What Is PDF Remediation?

For people with varying levels of disabilities, PDF accessibility remediation is important in the direction of interaction with the digital content by them

This process includes navigation control and Alt text for the image to enhance the user’s experience. With the help of modification and improvement, Digital Accessibility Services ensure all people can access powerful content irrespective of the disabled person.     

How To Conduct PDF Remediation?

Test PDF accessibility is the first step to making your PDF more accessible. There are ways to do that. One way to do that is to apply a PDF accessibility checker to remedy errors. For example, The Adobe Acrobat Accessibility Checker can do that and provide a remediation report. 

Another way of checking PDF accessibility is to use the PDF Accessibility toolkit. If possible, it is best for you to develop accessibility PDFs from the grassroots level. Hence, Accessibility Remediation Services become imperative. 

Wrapping Up

As documented in the above discussion, accessibility remediation is a challenging aspect. Taking the help of external services can be an invaluable option for your company to meet the growing accessibility challenges.





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