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Cedar Chiropractic & Physiotherapy

Welcome to Cedar Chiropractic & Physiotherapy, where we, the architects of well-being, employ the art and science of physiotherapy in Burnaby to sculpt a pathway of healing. Within our oasis of rehabilitation, we embark on a profound journey of restoration, empowering you to reclaim your body's harmony and vitality. Our skilled hands and compassionate hearts guide you through a personalized symphony of therapeutic interventions. We craft a bespoke treatment plan, tailored to your unique needs and aspirations, combining manual therapies, therapeutic exercises, and innovative modalities. With our unwavering support and expertise, we illuminate the road to recovery, helping you overcome physical challenges and embrace a life of abundant movement. We believe that every individual possesses an extraordinary capacity for transformation. Together, we paint a masterpiece of rehabilitation, where each brushstroke of physiotherapy brings you closer to the vibrant, pain-free life you deserve.


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4181 Hastings St #102, Burnaby, British Columbia
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V5C 2J4

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