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How to Play Backrooms Game?

The internet creepypasta with the same name served as the inspiration for the horror game The Backrooms Game. The objective of the game is to explore a collection of limitless, randomly produced rooms that resemble dilapidated offices. Fluorescent lights that buzz, soiled carpeting, and an air of dread permeate the spaces. Other than avoiding the creatures that hide in the shadows and attempt to leave the backrooms, the game's purpose is unclear.

Levels of the Backrooms game

There are four stages in the game, each with a unique theme and degree of difficulty. Levels include:

• Level 0: The entry level, with largely identical and simple-to-navigate chambers. Although there are no adversaries in this level, several noises and glitches may make you feel uneasy. A yellow door that goes to Level 1 serves as the exit.

• Level 1: This is the first level where adversaries can be found. With some furniture and things, the rooms are more complex and diversified. The adversaries are human-like beings that may pursue and attack you if they spot you. They can even follow you into different rooms and open doors. A crimson door leading to Level 2 serves as the exit.

• Level 2: The second level, where the interior spaces are more disorienting and dim. The adversaries may also crawl on the walls and ceilings and are faster and more aggressive. A blue door that leads to Level 3 serves as the exit.

The final level, Level 3, has entirely twisted and strange rooms. The adversaries are terrifying, unpredictable, and omnipresent. A white door that leads to the game's conclusion serves as the exit.

We'll go through the game's rules, what to anticipate from each level, and how to stay alive and get out of the back rooms.


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