Get Ahead of the Game with 5G and Wi-Fi 6: Introducing the Ultimate Router for High-Speed Connectivity

The Imperial Wireless 5G Wi-Fi 6 Router is a next-generation Wi-Fi 6 and 5G enterprise-grade cellular router. Imperial Wireless is undoubtedly the best Wi-Fi provider in town among the various internet providers. The fixed wireless access (FWA) market, which includes businesses looking for high-speed primary or backup communications over cellular for enterprise main, branch, managed home offices, and various commercial and industrial applications, is ideal for this high-performance solution.

There are numerous varieties of Wi-Fi 6 router options available nowadays. Let’s highlight the significant features of the Imperial Wireless 5G Wi-Fi 6 Router, including its primary benefits for business applications and market insights on its numerous and growing uses.

Many people who wish to implement apps that leverage technologies like streaming video, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are drawn in by 5 G’s promising performance. These features and technologies can support advanced applications that need speed, low latency, a larger bandwidth, or a combination of all three.

A wide variety of use cases are supported by the cutting-edge Imperial 5G Wi-Fi 6 router in commercial and enterprise settings. This article will concentrate on commercial and industrial use cases in climate-controlled, somewhat difficult locations like light industrial. Let’s examine a few instances of 5G usage in business and industrial settings.

5G for Businesses and Local Branches

Wired circuits, which are very expensive to establish and maintain, are being replaced by wireless networks in the central office and branch office operations, which include a variety of banking and financial organizations and retail chain stores. They can also be brought fast to their feet by outages.

Most businesses use wireless cellular solutions as their primary or backup connectivity as they grow or improve their systems. These solutions, which include our portfolio of enterprise cellular routers, offer smooth direct connectivity for those ready to switch entirely to wired connectivity and backup connectivity for wired networks.

It’s even better now that businesses can access quick, trustworthy, and secure 5G Internet thanks to the new 5G Wi-Fi 6 router.

Managed Desk with Access to the Corporate Network

As more workers find work-life balance by working part- or full-time from home, managed home offices are starting to become “the new normal.” Speed, reliability, and security are the essential requirements in this area. The corporate sector requires secure Wi-Fi connectivity to enable the remote workforce, just like the retail and commercial sectors do.

To ensure remote team members have secure VPNs and connect with the same security as they were working on-site, IT teams must meticulously monitor access to the corporate network.

Enterprise-grade security is enabled by the 5G WI-Fi router and is controlled by IT. This router comforts remote workers and IT teams, knowing that users connecting to the network from home offices have consistent, secure access.

Manufacturing Applications for 5G

5G for robotics and manufacturing automation

With 5G routers, AI, ML, and video streaming capabilities, the applications supporting Business 4.0 breakthroughs in the manufacturing industry are poised to take off quickly. Over half of the manufacturers are testing 5G in some capacity or have imminent plans to do so, a Manufacturing Institute survey finds. And 91% of respondents think their businesses’ future depends on the 5G connection.

For instance, think about how AI-enabled automation using vision cameras and autonomous robots has the potential to speed up the most monotonous production operations on assembly lines while also increasing accuracy for a more significant ROI. Without contacting the machinery directly, skilled workers may inspect production output and monitor processes.

Operational asset management in supply chains

Many supply chain elements will profit from the capacity to route more data quicker, from asset management through the manufacturing pipeline to asset tracking of assembled and packaged items in the shipping workflow. To maximize operations, it is critical to know where each component of this “chain” is located and its current condition.

Driverless trucks and delivery vehicles are another application that will boost this sector. These vehicles will communicate with other vehicles and intersections to ensure precise stopping and decision-making. 5G connectivity with ultra-low latency is necessary for these communications to allow for split-second decision-making.

The Imperial 5G LTE router supports various supply chain IoT requirements and has fast, secure connectivity.

Building Security with 5G

Security will advance significantly with Wi-Fi 6 and 5G cellular routers. High-definition (HD, 4K, 8K) security cameras demanding more uplink bandwidth will be supported by 5 G’s increased capacity. Since 5G is much quicker than 4G, it offers superior uplink performance, allowing for aggregating many video streams over a single 5G router and higher definition video for improved image recognition.

Facial recognition will become more critical as businesses use the capabilities of 5G to identify staff and bar access from unauthorized visitors while also trying to ensure that only authorized personnel are permitted on the premises.

Imperial 5G all-in-one Wi-Fi 6 router maintains simultaneous connections for staff, equipment, and HD security cameras.

 Main characteristics

  • By offering premium performance that supports the most recent, high-performance 5G/4G dual-connectivity cellular technology with smooth transition between 5G and 4G cellular networks and 3G fallback in locations where 5G is not yet implemented.
  • A dual-connectivity, high-speed cellular radio with 5G NR and 4G LTE-Advanced Pro Cat 20, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi 6 with WPA3 security, and twin 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet
  • It extended the temperature range of -20°C to +70°C to facilitate operating in settings with little to no heating or cooling, like building sites or infrastructure sheds.
  • Serial port for out-of-band remote control of linked devices. Read more