How to Setup Wavlink AV500 Powerline?

The wireless range extender Wavlink AV500 Powerline setup provides a stable internet connection that can be extended via your Wi-Fi router/AP.setup. It’s ideal for intense web usage, such as buffer-free 4K HD video streaming, online gaming, video calls, browsing, and other activities. It enables you to provide a high-quality wireless connection for your devices such as mobile phones, computers, and laptops. Let’s start with the Wavlink AV500 Powerline setup

The AV500 refers to the maximum speed supported by the technology, which is up to 500 Mbps. The Wavlink brand offers a range of AV500 Powerline adapters, including single units and kits with multiple adapters to create a network between multiple rooms.

To use the Wavlink AV500 Powerline, you simply plug one adapter into an electrical outlet near your modem or router and connect it to the device using an Ethernet cable. Then, you plug another adapter into an electrical outlet near the device you want to connect and connect it to that device using another Ethernet cable. The adapters then communicate with each other over the electrical wiring to create a network connection.

Follow the given steps for Wavlink AV500 powerlineSetup Wavlink.

  • Connect the power source to your Wavlink extender and router, making sure they are close next to each other.
  • After connecting the unit to the socket, wait approx 45 seconds for the LED light to blink.
  • Connect to Wavlink’s default network, 2.4ghz, in your mobile/computer Wi-Fi list.
  • Open a fresh web browser on the same computer or mobile device to which you are processed.
  • The Wavlink extender configuration UI will be launched. Simply insert the ‘admin’ password and username.
  • Select your language. Press the login button.
  • On the next tab, you will be prompted to choose your country, time zone, and a new password. The most recent password you entered will be used the next time you log in.
  • Open the Wavlink Web UI, select Repeater mode from the Wizard menu, locate and select your Wi-Fi host network, enter a password, and then press ‘Connect.’
  • Wait till the progress bar is full, then wait 40-60 seconds for more.
  • When the flashing LED light comes back to solid, it signifies a good setup.

Now your Wavlink AV500 powerline Setup is Successfully done with the help of these configuration process.

If you are facing any kind of issue during Wavlink AV500 Powerline Setup . feel free to contact our professional technicians for your guidance call us on our Toll-free number for more information.

How to connect Wavlink AV500 powerline Extender via WPS ?

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a way to set up a secure wireless network between a router and a device that doesn’t require the use of a password. There are two ways to configure a Wi-Fi Protected Setup:

Push button method: To use this method, the user must first press the WPS button on the router, then the WPS button on the device to be connected to the network. Once you press the button, the router will automatically establish a safe wireless network and connect the device to it.

Follow the given steps for Wavlink AV500 powerline Setup via WPS process

  • Attach your Wavlink AV500 extender to the power supply and place it near your router to avoid interruptions.
  • It takes about 45 seconds to start it up, after which an LED indicator begins to blink.
  • Now, press the router’s WPS button and unlock it once the router’s light blinks to indicate it’s ready to connect.
  • Before there is a flickering light indicating that it is connected to the router, press the WPS button.
  • The Wavlink AV500 extender setup is now connected to the router when the blinking light turns solid.

Now your Wavlink AV500 powerline setup via WPS is successfully done .You can now put this extender anywhere you want to improve your wireless signals.

Wavlink AV500 Powerline Setup AS an access point 

  • Connect the power supply for your AV500 repeater.
  • Turn the Access Point switch and connect the router’s Ethernet cable to the LAN socket on the extender.
  • Now, open the Wi-Fi list on your computer and connect the Extender to the default Wi-Fi network.
  • Open any tab on the connected computer and type “ or ap.setup” into the address bar, then press Enter.
  • Request a username and password to access a web tab. In both places, select ‘admin’ and press the ‘Login’ click.
  • To open the next Wavlink Extender setup tab, go to Wizard -> Choose Access Point.
  • Create a brand-new password, security from, and SSID.
  • Now, wait until the progress bar is completely filled, then wait another 60 seconds for more.
  • After modifying and rebooting, the Wavlink AV500 repeater can now perform as an Access Point.

If you are facing any kind of issue during Wavlink AV500 Powerline Setup . feel free to contact our professional technicians for your guidance call us on our Toll-free number for more information.

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