Important Attributes All Top-Notch Blunt Boxes Should Have

Blunt is one of the trendiest smoking items and is becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

However, there is strong competition between the blunt brands in the market.

So, it is crucial to create a distinction from the competitors to upsell and expand the business.

A flawless blunt packaging has some attributes that make the packed blunts crazy impressive and make your products sell like hotcakes.

Unfortunately, there is a number of businesses that often overlook the packaging quality and thus end up in losses.

Quality Custom Blunt Boxes have certain attributes that serve as a touchstone for retail businesses to consider before buying the packaging boxes.

This blog dives deep into particular qualities of quality blunt packaging.

Let us start without any ado.

Crucial Quality Elements Of Custom Blunt Boxes

Let us walk you through the hallmark attributes of quality custom blunt boxes:


It goes without saying that the core purpose of packaging is to house products safely.

The importance further gets highlighted when the packed products are overly fragile_ blunts.

Smokers are on the outlook of fresh and intact blunts to enjoy.

Sturdy Custom Blunt Box Packaging is not only essential to ensure internal protection but also is impactful in imparting protection during shipping.

To beef up the sturdiness and strength of custom blunt boxes, there is a variety of paper materials used in manufacturing that are known for their strength.



Kraft and corrugated papers are both used in the manufacturing of custom blunt boxes on the industrial level.

Both Kraft and corrugated papers are well-known for strength and durability.

Custom blunt boxes should have enough sturdiness in order to preserve blunts in terms of quality and physical dimensions.

Sturdiness is one of the main characteristics that are a must in quality packaging.

There is a number of tests available to check the sturdiness of Cannabis Blunt Boxes, one of them being drop tests.

2- Pleasing Design

Packaging cannot be regarded as top-notch unless it is aesthetically pleasing.

Custom blunt packaging needs to be visually appealing to drum up the attention of the target audience.

In fact, aesthetic appeal is one of the core elements and signs of quality packaging.

Smoke lovers stick to the brand that allows them to relish the ultimate of blunts packed in beautiful packaging.

Product presentation literally counts big time.

What is more, is that the first impression marked by packaging is decisive.

Custom Blunt Boxes must be eye-popping in design to reflect the class of your products and brand as well.

In addition, aesthetically pleasing custom blunt packaging to drawing in new consumers and keeps the customers happy.

A popular design owes to a wonderful and vibrant color scheme.

Color works insanely well in arousing an interest in potential consumers.

Going for bold and bright colors can help infuse the appeal that is irresistible for the consumers to ignore.

Similarly, the importance of artwork is 10 folds when you are selling smoke products.

If you are a retail business, you can contact a credible packaging supplier to consult the artwork you want to be on the Custom Blunt Box Packaging for maximum results.

Another important factor that is highly weighted in the visual appeal aspect is the shape of custom blunt boxes.

Break the stereotype of rectangular shapes and take to innovative shapes to make up your packaging interesting.

3-Packaging should be promotable

Every brand strives hard to build its identity and once it is built, the doorway to unlimited sales gets opened.

Custom Blunt Boxes feature brand logos and catchy taglines to convey your brand message to a number of potential consumers.

Printing of brand taglines in bold typography and the use of bright colors play a crucial role in making your brand stand out.

4-Quality Packaging is Eco-friendly

You will be amazed to know that almost 53% of potential buyers are willing to pay more if they get the products in eco-friendly packaging.

Fortunately, custom blunt boxes are imbued with this characteristic.

Since Kraft is used in the manufacturing of Wholesale Blunt Boxes, we can expect a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solution that goes light on the environment.

Eco-friendliness is one of the many attributes of quality packaging.

This attribute not only gets you eco-conscious consumers but also builds brand credibility at a dramatic pace.

5-Size Variety:

Defy the principle “one fits for all.”

Believe us that there is no magical single size to capture the attention of a large target audience.

Try using different sizes to house varying pieces of cigarettes. Doing so will help you eventually land on a packaging size that does wonders for your brand.

Fortunately, Blunt Boxes can be customized into various sizes to fit your needs.

Final Words:

Custom Blunt Boxes have all the attributes that are the hallmark of quality packaging.

Always look for these attributes before opting for the packaging.

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