Intercity Transportation Business Ideas with Low Investment

For a long time, people have preferred traditional jobs as the safest option for earning money. However, in the current situation, people consider a job as a means to save money to start a new business. With full knowledge and resources, anyone can start a business and achieve success with just their fingertips. This article discusses intercity transportation business ideas that are growing rapidly in the current era. Anyone can choose a business according to their comfort and budget and make it big.

Best Low-Investment Intercity Transportation Business Ideas For a long time, people used to think about the safest option for earning money: doing a job and not taking any other way. Starting a business on the possibility that it can get successful was stupidity by the majority. In the current situation, people see a job as a medium of saving money to start a new business. Starting a business is a challenging task, but with full knowledge and resources, you can create one, and the internet accessibility of this generation can do magic with just your fingertips.

Packers and Movers Business

Packers and Movers is a business with vast possibilities. As people break the old conventional ways of living and prefer to rent homes instead of buying them, the work of packers and movers becomes essential. This business requires a truck to load household appliances and other items and transport them to the next place. It also requires labour and packing equipment to ensure that the items are not damaged during transportation. This business is one of the fastest-growing and can grow as big as one wants. Some of the Packers And Movers businesses have franchises across India.

As the years and technology advance, people are thinking out of the box and breaking the old conventional ways of living. Instead of buying a house, they prefer to rent a home of their choice until they don’t get bored. The work of packers and movers starts this business with vast possibilities. In this business, you need a truck to load the entire household appliances and other things and take them to the next place.

Milk Delivery Business

Milk delivery business is another low-investment business that can be started with animals like cows and buffaloes to get milk. After collecting the milk, one can take orders from sweet shop owners and big-level dairies to grow the company from customers to another level. The quality and hygienic levels of the products must be maintained to increase the business’s growth. A good commercial vehicle is necessary for delivering the milk, and one can opt for a vehicle that comes at an economical price, such as Mahindra E Alfa Cargo.

Grocery or Vegetable Transportation Business

Three to Four years ago, these businesses were unpopular as people wanted to purchase groceries or vegetables themselves. But after the world was hit by covid, the door-to-door food items supply business saw a green signal from the customers. The only thing a customer wants in this kind of business is the quality level of the product, and if you assure the customer and give them a good quality product, they are going nowhere. For this business, you need a small vehicle where you put the vegetables and still have a suitable space in the cart. 

After the world was hit by COVID-19, door-to-door food item supply businesses saw a green signal from customers. Customers demand good quality products, and this business can profit from providing them. A small vehicle with suitable space in the cart can be used to transport vegetables and groceries. Finding a trusted seller who provides good quality products can help gain customer trust. The margin value can be good, and a 3-wheeler vehicle can be a good choice for this occupation, such as the Mahindra E-Alfa Mini.

Logistics Supplier or Shipping Business

In this business, one needs a pickup truck, which can transport anything of one’s choice. Logistics suppliers are commonly seen to haul every other thing. This business is similar to the rental taxi business, where both work the same way to take things from one place to another. The margin is decided by the whole driver association. This business is an excellent option and can go from 1 truck to a couple of trucks in the future.

This business is one of our most profitable, high margin and popular businesses. In this business, you need a pickup truck which you do not need to categorise for a specific purpose. You can transport anything of your choice. Logistics suppliers are commonly seen to haul every other thing; they are just drivers with a pickup truck and work by the consignments they get.


All these intercity transportation business ideas are good, and anyone can choose any of them to start their journey in a new vertical of their life. Hard work and a good driving skillset are necessary to start a transportation business. Having an excellent vehicle partner is crucial, as it allows one to do their work without worrying about the vehicle breaking down at crucial times.