Paint and Sip Parties: What are They and How Can You Host One?

A glass of wine in one hand, and a paintbrush in the other- that’s the social activity of choice for many people nowadays. Paint and sip parties (sometimes called painting parties) are now an increasingly popular way for groups to unwind and socialize while exploring their creative side. Although these events have been around for over a decade, many people are just now getting wind of them. They have become a popular component of private parties and even corporate events.

As the experience economy continues to see steady growth, activities like paint parties are becoming a popular way for groups of people to socialize and unwind. But what really is a paint party?

What’s a Paint and Sip Party?

Paint and sip parties are just as their name implies- they are social events where a group of people create artwork while sipping on wine or non-alcoholic beverages. Typically, a person can plan and host a paint and sip party for their group of friends or relatives, or companies can host one for their employees.

At a paint and sip event, every guest is given painting supplies, including a canvas, paints, and paint brushes, as well as a drink of their choice. Typically, guests sit around a long table with their painting supplies but they may also take place at a restaurant, in a person’s backyard, or even online. Most paint parties typically have pre-determined artwork for guests to recreate on their own canvases, and at the end of these events, the guests get to keep their own paintings. This means that the group has an opportunity to socialize and bond and they also get to keep a souvenir that can be a fantastic artistic addition to their homes.

Paint parties might feature a virtual or in-person painting instructor to guide guests in their painting efforts. When it comes to paint and sip parties, there’s no emphasis on how well you can paint. It’s all about having fun and building bonds. A paint and sip party can also be hosted virtually for groups who cannot all be together in the same place. It’s not uncommon to companies to book a virtual work painting partyto help remote teams bond and socialize. Paint and sip parties are now popular for family nights, date nights, fundraisers, or as a fantastic alternative to a night out with friends.

Where Can a Sip and Paint Party be Hosted?

There are several options as to where you can host a painting party. Painting parties can be organized for a group of friends, a kids’ birthday, a baby shower, or a work event at any convenient location.

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  • Home

Whether for friends or family, hosting a paint party at home is a great way to enjoy the company of loved ones. For such events, you simply need to order supplies for all the guests and ensure each guest has enough room to paint. Then you can include any other components and plan your painting party as you want it!

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  • Restaurants

You can plan a paint party at a restaurant where guests can order drinks and snacks of their choice. Depending on the restaurant and the timing of your party, you may not be charged any extra fee for hosting your paint party on their premises.

  • Corporate and Team Building Events

Paint parties are a fantastic team-building event, and can help your in-house or virtual teams paint and socialize over drinks in the workplace or virtually.  

Organizing a Paint and Sip Party

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Whether you’re organizing a work painting party or some other painting party, it’s best to hire a paint and sip company to handle all the work. They’ll provide all the supplies and instructions and ensure every guest both virtual and in-person has all the painting supplies they need.

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