Some organic compounds are very rare and are valuable

Organic compounds are very interesting because they are composed of carbon. Carbon is the most abundant element on Earth. More than two thirds of the mass of any organism is made of carbon. Some elements are combined with more carbon atoms than with any other element.

This means that these elements are less common than carbon. Because of this, these elements are very expensive. This is why the price of many materials is very high. The price of Organic chemicals diamonds is high because they are made almost entirely of carbon. The same is true for gold, platinum, silver, copper, and many other metals.

Some organic compounds are very rare and are valuable. These include amber, jade, and coral. The organic compounds that are most easily found on Earth are hydrocarbons. These are the most common kind of organic compounds on Earth. Most hydrocarbons are used for fuel. They also occur naturally as natural gas.

Some organic compounds are used for the manufacture of plastics and synthetic fibres. Another class of organic compounds is called halogenated compounds. Halogenated compounds are very toxic and can be deadly if ingested. They can also cause harm to the environment. If you want to avoid these substances, you should avoid eating anything containing them. Some organic compounds are useful as medicines. Some of these are vitamins and other nutritional substances.