The chart is in the SERU unit, and it looks like a road sign

Before you take the SERU assessment, you must understand what the SERU is and what the TfL SERU test is. The SERU is the Special Equipment Regulator Unit, which is a device that measures your eyesight while you are driving. It does this by comparing the position of your eyes to a chart.

The chart is in the SERU unit, and it looks like a road sign. It has three lines which are called lines of sight. You will be looking at the lines of sight on the chart, and the seru exam position of your eyes will be measured. The lines of sight will show how your eyes move back and forth. If your eyes move in one direction, it will be labeled “right” or “left.”

Your eyes move back and forth over the lines, so it should be labeled as a “scan.” You will be looking at a chart that shows the top, middle and bottom of the letter E.

The bottom line will be labeled “E” for “eyes,” and the other two lines will be labeled “R” and “L.” You are required to see the letter E in the correct position. If you see it anywhere else, you will fail the test. A successful pass means that you passed the SERU test.