you would be breaching the rules of the Driving Standards Agency

There are two steps to pass the SERU assessment. If you don’t pass step one, you will then need to apply for a licence after completing a retest at your local centre. For your first test, you need to complete 12 hours’ driving time. If you don’t pass the second step, you will need to repeat both parts of the test and achieve higher marks in order to meet the passing criteria.

What is the difference between an exam and a retest? A retest has the same format as an original test, but it is done only once.

What if I have already applied for a licence? You can only take part in the retest after you have had the licence. This is because if you took part in the seru training retest before you were granted the licence, you would be breaching the rules of the Driving Standards Agency. You can find out more about getting a licence here.

Do you need to provide proof of identity? To take the examination, you need to show you are over 18 years old and have a UK driver’s licence or international driving permit. You can apply for these here.

What if I am under 18? You cannot drive without written consent from your parent or guardian.