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Tumble stones are exquisite gemstones that have undergone a process of tumbling to reveal their natural beauty. If you’re looking to explore the captivating world of tumble stones, The Vastu Store, a trusted brand for Vastu-inspired products, offers a diverse collection you can conveniently purchase online. Let’s dive into the enchanting realm of tumble stones and discover how The Vastu Store can help you acquire these beautiful gemstones.

Unveiling the Magic of Tumble Stones

Tumble stones are small, polished gemstones that fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Each tumble stone carries the unique energy and properties of the crystal it is made from. These gemstones are not only visually appealing but also offer various metaphysical benefits. You can benefit from their healing, balancing, and energizing properties by incorporating tumble stones into your life.

Tumble stones are created through a process known as tumbling, where rough gemstones are placed in a tumbler with abrasive materials. Over time, the constant rotation and friction polish the stones, revealing their smooth surfaces and enhancing their natural colors and patterns. The tumbling process also imparts a harmonious energy to the rocks, making them highly sought after for spiritual and energetic practices.

Introducing The Vastu Store

The Vastu Store is a renowned brand that takes pride in offering a wide range of Vastu-inspired products, including high-quality tumble stones. When you buy tumble stones from The Vastu Store, you can trust in the authenticity and superior quality of the gemstones. Each tumble stone is carefully sourced and selected to ensure its natural beauty and energetic properties.

At The Vastu Store, they understand the importance of authenticity when it comes to gemstones. They work closely with reliable suppliers and gemstone experts to ensure that every tumble stone they offer is genuine and of the highest quality. The Vastu Store’s commitment to authenticity and customer satisfaction sets them apart as a trusted source for tumble stones.

Exploring The Vastu Store’s Tumble Stone Collection

The Vastu Store’s collection of tumble stones encompasses a vast selection of gemstones, each with its unique qualities. From the soothing energy of amethyst to the grounding properties of hematite, you can find an array of tumble stones to suit your intentions and preferences. Whether you seek emotional healing, spiritual growth, protection, or abundance, The Vastu Store has the perfect tumble stones for you.

Let’s explore some of the gemstones you can find in The Vastu Store’s collection:

  1. Amethyst Tumble Stones: Known for its calming and spiritually enhancing properties, amethyst is a popular choice among crystal enthusiasts. It promotes relaxation, aids in meditation, and helps in connecting with higher states of consciousness.

  2. Rose Quartz Tumble Stones: Rose quartz is the stone of love and compassion. It carries a gentle and nurturing energy, promoting self-love, emotional healing, and harmonious relationships. Rose quartz tumble stones are perfect for attracting love and fostering a sense of inner peace.

  3. Clear Quartz Tumble Stones: Clear quartz is a versatile and powerful crystal known as the “master healer.” It amplifies energy, enhances clarity of thought, and balances the chakras. Clear quartz tumble stones are highly versatile and can be used for various healing and spiritual practices.

  4. Citrine Tumble Stones: Citrine is associated with abundance, success, and prosperity. It is known as the “merchant’s stone” and is believed to attract wealth and opportunities. Citrine tumble stones are perfect for manifesting abundance and attracting positive energies into your life


  1. Black Tourmaline Tumble Stones: Black tourmaline is a powerful protective stone that repels negative energies and promotes a sense of grounding and stability. It is often used for energetic protection, shielding against electromagnetic radiation, and creating a sense of safety and security.

  2. Amazonite Tumble Stones: Amazonite is a stone of harmony and balance. It soothes the mind, calms emotions, and promotes clear communication. Amazonite tumble stones are ideal for enhancing interpersonal relationships, facilitating effective communication, and finding inner peace.

  3. Lapis Lazuli Tumble Stones: Lapis lazuli is a stone of wisdom and truth. It stimulates the higher mind, enhances intellectual abilities, and encourages self-expression. Lapis lazuli tumble stones are perfect for spiritual seekers, students, and those seeking to deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

How to Buy Tumble Stones Online from The Vastu Store

Buying tumble stones online from The Vastu Store is a seamless and secure process. Visit their website and navigate to the “Tumble Stone” category. Explore the available options, read the detailed descriptions, and view the accompanying images to make an informed choice. The Vastu Store provides accurate and comprehensive information about each tumble stone, including its size, weight, and energetic properties, allowing you to select the stones that resonate with you.

Add your desired tumble stones to the cart and proceed to the checkout page. The Vastu Store ensures a secure payment process, safeguarding your personal information. They also offer various shipping options to ensure your order reaches you in a timely manner. Once your order is confirmed, The Vastu Store takes great care in packaging your tumble stones, ensuring they are well-protected during transit.

Embrace the Beauty and Energy of Tumble Stones

Once you receive your tumble stones from The Vastu Store, you can start incorporating them into your daily life. Carry them with you in a pouch or place them strategically in your living or workspace. Tumble stones can be used for meditation, energy healing, chakra balancing, or simply as beautiful decorative pieces. Feel the energy of the crystals resonate with your intentions and experience their transformative power.

By working with tumble stones, you can create a harmonious and energetically balanced environment. They can support you in various aspects of life, such as promoting emotional well-being, enhancing spiritual practices, attracting abundance, and fostering positive relationships. The versatile nature of tumble stones allows you to explore and experiment with different crystals to find what works best for you.


Tumble stones from The Vastu Store offer a gateway to the beauty and energy of gemstones. By purchasing tumble stones online from The Vastu Store, you can explore a diverse collection and select the gemstones that align with your intentions and desires. Embrace the metaphysical properties and aesthetic appeal of tumble stones, and let them enhance your well-being and spiritual journey.

With The Vastu Store’s commitment to authenticity, quality, and customer satisfaction, you can trust in the beauty and energetic potency of the tumble stones you receive. Discover the captivating world of tumble stones at The Vastu Store and unlock the transformative power of these beautiful gemstones in your life. Immerse yourself in their enchanting energy and allow them to bring balance, healing, and positive vibrations to every aspect of your being. Buy tumble stone online from The Vastu Store and embark on a journey of exploration, growth, and transformation.