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Anchorage Investments

petrochemical, mining

One of the top Egyptian petrochemical companies in the market, Anchorage Investments is a company operating in the fields of petrochemicals and mining. The company undertakes numerous endeavors through separate affiliates and entities in petrochemical projects, mining/quarrying, project management, and developing beneficiation/building materials manufacturing projects. The synergy between these affiliates stems from the group's strong technical and development skills.

Anchorage Investments hopes to establish itself as a leading industrial conglomerate with an integrated and synergistic business across our extended value chain that is trusted and appreciated by the business, its partners, investors, and customers, as well as praised by the market. The company's history of corporate governance and business practices constitutes its set of values which are adhered to by the entirety of the staff, allowing the group to determine and assess important business decisions.

The company's mission is to become an activator for a shifting geographic footprint and movement within the sphere of industrial development regarding the petrochemicals sector, with its extended value chain and integrated industrial prospects. By utilizing its unique strength and maintaining the synergy between our projects and our various divisions and businesses, Anchorage Investments aims to achieve this goal of positioning itself as a market leader in a sustainable manner. Anchorage Investments strongly believes in having a solid internal management system to maintain its position, accelerate growth, and accomplish its goals. The company highly appreciates its employees and motivates them to achieve meaningful outcomes regardless of market dynamics.

In addition to being industry savvy, Anchorage Investments dedicates itself to conducting sustainable business operations and taking on social responsibility. The industrial group is keen on developing management plans appropriate to the market conditions and availability of resources to ensure sustainable business operations. The Egyptian petrochemical company is devoted to guaranteeing manageability in each business area. Having several ventures traversing different geographical areas, Anchorage Investments expects to utilize and leverage assets from almost every location in which they operate.

Egyptian petrochemical company Anchorage Investments is well equipped to overlook environmental optimization and sustainability considerations that aim to create sustainably built environments. The company understands the importance of adhering to local and international target green standards through managing sustainability-certified and rated projects. The group is competent in using a holistic development and management strategy that uses cutting-edge technology to create environmentally friendly structures, consume less energy, and meet consumer needs while considering the location's cultural heritage.

Apart from overseeing that the company is undertaking sustainable business endeavors, it is also focused on treating its stakeholders responsibly and ethically. The group recognizes the following as its key stakeholders:

  • Suppliers.
  • Business partners.
  • Communities in which company staff works.
  • The communities that company activities may impact.
  • The environment itself.

Anchorage Investments ensures a display of honest leadership and responsible leadership that considers employee diversity and creates a safe working environment to allow staff to achieve their full potential—doing so. Anchorage Investments displays exemplary leadership in the field of petrochemicals.


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