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Band Demic

Band Demic is a leading earplug company. It is located in Temecula, California, USA.

We understand the importance of enjoying live concerts, rehearsals, and jamming sessions while safeguarding your long-term auditory health. Our mission is to provide high-quality banded earplugs that combine comfort, style, and effective noise reduction. With our carefully crafted designs and advanced acoustic technology, you can immerse yourself in the music you love, while still preserving the clarity and dynamics of the sound. Our earplugs are specifically designed for musicians, ensuring a perfect fit and minimizing the risk of sound distortion. At this company, we are committed to promoting hearing wellness within the music industry and empowering musicians to protect their most valuable instrument—their ears. Join the Band Demic movement and experience the joy of music with confidence and peace of mind.


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27250 Madison Ave,Temcula, Califiornia, 92590
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