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bbl san diego price

Have you heard of the Brazilian Butt Lift, also referred to as BBL? The Brazilian Butt Lift has become the biggest aesthetic trend with celebrities! It is a natural way to sculpt and volumize your booty! It works by removing fat from undesired areas and placing it in desired areas. The Brazilian Butt Lift will give you the perfect peach you’ve always wanted, with life long results!

The Brazilian Buttlift with SculpTite uses numbing, a biopsy punch tool to make a small hole, and finally lasers to soften fat and pluck it out cell by cell. A Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is fast, easy, and we use tried and true body sculpting and fat transferring techniques for a better shaped symmetrical butt, leaving results that are practically permanent.

What is fat transfer and what does it have to do with the Brazilian Butt Lift? A fat transfer gives you the ability to remove unwanted fat from different parts of your body. The fat cells are your own bodies material, so there is no chance of rejection. Doctor Kat is able to sculpt the fat in a flattering way, giving you a perky lifted booty! A fat transfer will give you more permanent results vs exercise alone.

We also offer a Skinny BBL for those who may be on the thinner side and may need to transfer fat from multiple areas at once. In rare cases if you don’t have enough fat to transfer, you may be asked to gain weight until there is enough to transfer.

Whatever your situation may be, we are commited to helping you reach your goals!



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bbl san diego price 0 reviews

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