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Best Medical Writing Courses in Pune 100% With Placement

Medical Writing Courses in Pune With Placement

Are you trying to find the top Medical Writing Courses? Then you've come to the right place!

Writing for the medical field requires specialised training and education, as these writings must adhere to strict standards of scientific rigour. Investors, regulators, the medical community, and the general public all need access to simplified versions of complex research, statistical, and clinical data, and this demand is driving up wages for medical and health writers.

Post-doctoral students, researchers, and scientists can find rewarding careers in various healthcare-related fields, including government agencies, medical device firms, educational institutions, clinical research organisations, and publishing houses. Writers must now demonstrate proficiency in medical writing, which you can attain through various courses. They help keep up with the most up-to-date information on efficient methods for medical reports.

Essential Medical Writer Qualifications

Anyone with a Bachelor's or Master's degree who can also write effectively in English meets the minimum requirements for medical writing jobs. The sole consistent criterion is that applicants have at least a passing familiarity with medical terminology. In addition, among the many Medical Writing programs in India, employers often prefer candidates with appropriate work experience.

A medical degree or an allied health degree is a must. English majors, minors, and those with experience in writing, clinical research, or allied fields may be considered for admission to this program even if they lack a formal science education.

Best Medical Writing Courses in Pune With Placement

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a prominent college that offers a variety of degrees, including one of the most sought-after specialisations in India: Medical Writing Courses. Value generation is the institute's primary mission. The school has partnered with prominent clientele to help students build successful future and professional careers. If you want to make a name for yourself in the competitive medical and scientific writing world, you need to earn the Certified Medical Writer credential. One of the top medical writing programs in India nowadays.

It is Henry Harvin's flagship training, and a lot of effort and resources have gone into ensuring that only the most helpful information is conveyed to the students.

Moreover, to grasp the rational realities of medical writing, Henry Harvin's medical writing course introduces you to various medical jargon. When it comes to medical writing education, Henry Harvin ranks among the top institutions.

Key Highlights of the Course

  • Clinical and non-clinical summaries, laboratory procedures, and various clinical guidelines are all covered thoroughly throughout the course modules.
  • Training on the job and an introduction to the norms and standards of scientific publishing
  • Acquire a thorough understanding of the latest scientific reports and findings, and equip your students with expert knowledge of scientific writing. 
  • Students who take a course in medical writing will learn the skills they need to create comprehensive Risk Management Strategies, Clinical Evaluation Reports, Performance Evaluation Reports, and Clinical Study Reports.
  • Learn about pharmacovigilance processes, including testing, monitoring, and regulatory compliance. 
  • Master the art of conveying complex medical concepts to a layperson.
  • Students who take this course will graduate with the self-assurance, abilities, competence, and business acumen to set themselves apart from the competition.

Duration: 24 hrs

Contact No: +91 9891953953

Medical writing course free: 15000

Clinical India

The focus of this course is on providing instruction relevant to the workplace. Learn the fundamentals of clinical research in this live, online critical Medical Writing Course.

You can advance your career by aligning your technical expertise with current market demands. The institute's online medical writing courses have attracted diverse students and professionals from the life sciences in recent batches.

They have since found employment with Fortune 500 and international CRO, pharma, and IT firms.

Students receive access to a learning management system (LMS) and attend live lectures at an institution with ISO 9001: 2015 certification that teaches this course. As the need for clinical researchers increases, India's capital of Clini is quickly becoming a centre for the industry.

As a result, it's a growing field that could be a great place to start a career. The clinical research business in India is poised for explosive growth.


American company Coursera Inc., created in 2012 by computer science instructors at Stanford University Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, is ranked sixth in India for its medical writing programmes. To provide online courses, certifications, and degrees in a variety of subjects, Coursera partners with universities and other organisations. 

Besides using real-world examples and writing exercises, this course trains scientists to write in a more accessible style. Writing for general audiences, grants, refereeing, the ethics of publishing research, and the structure of scientific manuscripts are only a few topics covered. Through an interactive session led by a subject matter expert, Coursera provides job-relevant skills that help you digest two hours of e-learning class.


Gain the knowledge and experience you need to succeed as a medical writer by taking Medical Writing Courses. Beginners interested in learning the methods employed by professional writers of online material and medical publications are welcome to enrol. It will also help you understand taxation, money management, and the fundamentals of contract creation for freelance work. You can learn to decipher client briefings and organise papers in line with professional standards.

Only some people know that pursuing a profession in medical writing can be done entirely through an online course. However, if you have a solid scientific background and excellent writing skills, medical writing can be a perfect opportunity to earn a considerable salary while staying at home.

Students will learn about medical writing as a profession in this course. We will discuss the definition of medical writing, the different types of medical writing, the value of good writing skills, and more.

Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices India

The institute also offers a medical writing course leading to professional accreditation. Since many workers in this field are curious about and interested in other areas, they developed this certificate programme with them in mind.

It is a top priority to provide employees with opportunities to learn new skills and advance their careers within the organisation. IGMPI provides an online medical writing certificate programme.

This part-time course addresses the time constraints of working candidates by allowing them to continue working while being guided and trained in every aspect of the clinical research industry at their own pace.

Hone Your Capabilities as a Medical Writer

These days, it's challenging to land a job in any field. In addition to job experience, the capacity to grow professionally and adapt to new technologies is essential. Medical Writing is no exception. You should enrol in Medical Writing Courses in Pune to keep up with the times.

Numerous online courses are available for writers of all experience levels and interests. Many universities and educational websites offer online Medical Writing Courses, allowing you to improve your employability and stand out.

To get the most out of your time invested, choose a program that is interesting and applicable to your field. Because your skill set wouldn't grow if you took courses that didn't teach you anything new, check the course's evaluations, affiliations, and accreditations to ensure it is legitimate before enrolling. Taking the best Medical Writing Courses might do wonders for your healthy writing career.


Q1. What is the maximum compensation for a medical writer?

Ans: In India, Medical Writer salaries range from 2.0 Lakhs to 9.5 Lakhs annually, with an average salary of 4.5 Lakhs. The estimated salary is based on 1,300 of the most recent salaries submitted by Medical Writers.

Q2. Is medical writing a viable profession?

Ans: It is also important to note that the salaries of India's top Medical Writers have increased by more than 400% in less than a decade. In today's era, the demand for medical writers is expanding daily. 

Q3. Is medical writing challenging?

Ans: To become a medical writer, you must be proficient in the language you are writing in and able to construct grammatically correct, logical sentences. The distinctions between a suspended participle, a split infinitive, and a gerund are irrelevant if used correctly.



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