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Have An Insight Into the Landscaping Process!

Several homeowners, property developers, municipalities, public utilities, golf course caretakers, and commercial property owners go for professional landscaping services to design, set, and maintain outdoor spaces. An artistically designed and well-maintained landscape often becomes an attraction for site visitors.

Need for Professional Landscaping

Many residents design and maintain their landscaping in their limited in-house outdoor space. However, DIY landscaping is nonviable in large areas of public parks, golf courses, hotels and resorts, and office buildings. Therefore, estate managers and property owners often hire a commercial hardscaping contractor in Airmont and other areas. The professionals plan and execute the landscaping project based on the scope and nature of the site. They follow the below-mentioned steps in the landscaping process,

Landscaping Process

Landscape architects visit the site, evaluate the requirements, and plan and design the outdoor space after sufficient research. They determine various elements such as types of plants, the plants in specific areas, the location and dimension of hardscaping (patios, walkways), water features, and lighting to create an appealing landscape.

  • The landscape developers prepare the site by removing existing vegetation, grading the ground, and installing necessary drainage systems.
  • The next step following the site preparation is hardscaping, wherein the commercial hardscaping contractor in Airmont and other areas develops walkways, patios, steps, retaining walls, and other concrete structures in any outdoor space. The workers excavate the site, pour concrete, and lay paver or other materials.
  • After hardscaping, the landscape developers sow various plants and trees as per plan. They dig holes, amend the soil, and water the seedlings and saplings as per need.
  • The developers install a functional irrigation system for healthy and thriving plant life. The workers lay pipes and place sprinklers or drips that reach every plant and grass area.
  • The last step in landscape creation is a light installation that enhances the ambiance and safety of the landscaping project. The developers install low-voltage lighting fixtures, lay wiring, and set timers.

Though landscape setup completes with lighting installation, the landscapes need regular watering, pruning, mulching, and updation to keep plants healthy and outdoor space attractive. Therefore, the organizations often hire contractors for landscaping maintenance in Airmont and other parts of the country.


Landscaping is a perpetual process that begins with careful planning and design. It is wise to initially consult landscaping enterprises for outstanding design and excellent landscape development. The companies have an experienced and expert team that develops suitable plans for outdoor space, implements the same efficiently and effectively, and maintains and updates the landscape per contemporary trends.


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Have An Insight Into the Landscaping Process! 0 reviews

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