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Best Wetsuit Drying Rack
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How To Choose The Best Wetsuit Drying Rack?

If you love water sports, you know the importance of wetsuits. No matter how great a swimmer you're, a wetsuit always needs to be worn. They are not just helpful to protect you from drawing further but provide a grip of confidence and relaxation. But numerous people refuse to take a wetsuit because of its after-use drying and storage complications. It is necessary to dry your wetsuit after usage properly. The best wetsuit drying rack can make this task more accessible and effective. 

As its name suggests, this holder or rack is used to drop wetsuits freely onto them for drying completely. Let's check out some crucial benefits you get by using a drying rack: 

By enabling appropriate airflow around your wetsuit, the rack assures efficient drying. When your wetsuit is hung on a rack, air flows freely, allowing moisture to drain more rapidly. This not only helps to prevent unpleasant odors but also minimizes the possibility of mold and bacteria growth. 

Hanging your stuff on a wetsuit drying rack helps keep its form and suppleness. Folding or squeezing a wet wetsuit can cause stretching, wrinkles, or material deformation. Allowing your wetsuit to hang freely on a rack keeps it in its natural shape and usefulness. This, in turn, improves performance and extends the life of your wetsuit.

You have a specialized location to hang and store your wetsuits with a dedicated wetsuit drying rack. This saves you the trouble of searching for ideal locations to dry your wetsuits, such as doorknobs or shower rods, which may not offer enough airflow or may cause damage. A good rack helps keep your wetsuits properly organized, conveniently accessible, and safe from damage or dirt.

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Best  Drying Sack

Either you know how beneficial a rack is, but choosing a good rack is quite challenging. This is because all racks generally look similar. Further, not everyone has such deep knowledge of materials and metals, so they can quickly analyze them. Thus, to pick up the best drying Sack, you need to consider such essential points. 

Think about how many wetsuits you have or need to dry at once. Ensure the rack has enough hangers or arms to hold your wetsuits. Also, check that there's space between each suit for proper airflow. If you have lots of wetsuits or often have friends over for water sports, go for a rack with higher capacity.

When picking a wetsuit drying rack, use solid and durable materials like stainless steel or sturdy plastic. These materials won't rust or wear out quickly, even in wet and humid conditions. Look for features like non-slip feet or protective coatings to protect your floors from any potential damage.

The better the rack's design, the more efficiently it functions. Choose one with wide arms or hangers supporting your wetsuits without stretching or warping them. It's a good idea to go for a rack with flexible options to hang different sizes and styles of wetsuits. 

It is not necessary that one needs a rack in just home. What if you need an outdoor wetsuit drying rack? Hence, look for lightweight racks that you can assemble and disassemble quickly. Further, check if there is any foldable or flexible rack available. It is easy to handle and store while traveling. 

Usage Tips And Advice

Suppose you already buy the best wetsuit drying rack, but it must still be used properly. The concern is not to put it safely or mount it properly, whether it is about using wet wetsuits on the rack with proper precautions. Let's check out some tricks and tris that you need to keep in mind:

After each use, rinse your wetsuit with fresh water to remove salt, sand, and debris. This prevents damage and keeps your wetsuit in great shape. Hence, don't forget to rinse inside and out.

When placing your rinsed wetsuit on the rack, spread it evenly for proper airflow and efficient drying. Use the rack's hangers or arms to support the wetsuit at critical points like the shoulders and waist.

Position your wetsuit drying rack in a well-ventilated spot, away from direct sunlight. This prevents heat damage and promotes thorough and even drying.

Skip artificial heat sources like heaters, dryers, or direct sunlight. They can harm the neoprene material of your wetsuit and reduce its flexibility and functionality. Stick to natural air drying methods.

The Sum Up

Overall, a drying rack is a simple yet efficient way to keep your wetsuits and other water-related gear fresh and ready for any thirsty trip. Even if you're using your rack and wetsuit by following the above guidelines and tips, you will extend its life.

However, if you want perfection in the selection, you might check the inventory of Malo'o Racks. They have the best wetsuit drying rack collection and enormous varieties for your selections. If you're looking for a drying rack, check their listing on their official website. 


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