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How to Find and Sign Up for Free Concealed Carry Training in Maryland

Free Basic Handgun in Maryland

Obtaining proper training is essential for individuals who wish to carry a concealed firearm in Maryland. While there are various training options available, the cost of concealed carry classes can sometimes be a barrier. However, there are opportunities to find free concealed carry training programs in Maryland. PTPGun, a renowned firearms training organization, understands the importance of accessible training and aims to provide guidance on finding and signing up for free concealed carry training in Maryland. In this article, we will explore the steps to finding free training, discuss eligibility requirements, address frequently asked questions, and help individuals take advantage of these opportunities.

Step 1: Research and Identify Free Training Programs

Search Online: Begin by conducting an online search for free concealed carry training programs in Maryland. Look for reputable organizations, community initiatives, or law enforcement agencies that may offer free training opportunities.

Check Local Gun Shops: Reach out to local gun shops or shooting ranges and inquire about any free training programs they may offer. They often have information about upcoming training events or partnerships with organizations providing free training.

Community Organizations and Events: Stay connected with local community organizations and firearm-related events, as they may occasionally host free training sessions or partner with trainers to offer cost-free options.

Step 2: Review Eligibility Requirements and Course Details

Age and Residency: Ensure that you meet the minimum age requirements and residency criteria for the free concealed carry training programs. In Maryland, individuals must be at least 21 years old to apply for a concealed carry permit.

Training Curriculum: Review the course curriculum to ensure that it covers all the required topics mandated by the Maryland State Police. The training should include firearm safety, legal considerations, and practical shooting skills.

Certification: Verify whether the free training program provides certification upon successful completion. Certification is typically required when applying for a concealed carry permit.

Step 3: Register for the Free Training Program

Contact the Training Provider: Reach out to the organization offering the free concealed carry training program. Inquire about upcoming training dates, registration procedures, and any necessary paperwork or prerequisites.

Complete the Registration Process: Follow the instructions provided by the training provider to complete the registration process. This may involve submitting personal information, signing waivers, and reserving a spot in the training session.

Prepare for the Training: Once registered, gather the necessary equipment, such as eye and ear protection, and familiarize yourself with the training location and schedule. Ensure that you arrive on time and come prepared to actively participate in the training.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1. Are free concealed carry training programs as comprehensive as paid courses?

Free concealed carry training programs vary in their depth and scope. While some free programs may provide comprehensive training, others may focus on essential topics or serve as introductory courses. It is important to review the course curriculum and ensure it meets the minimum training requirements set by the Maryland State Police.

Q2. Are there any limitations or restrictions for free concealed carry training programs?

Some free concealed carry training programs may have limitations or restrictions. These could include limited class sizes, specific eligibility criteria, or priority given to certain groups, such as military veterans or first responders. It is advisable to inquire about any limitations or restrictions when contacting the training provider.

Q3. Can I obtain a concealed carry permit in Maryland without attending a training program?

No, Maryland requires individuals to complete a certified firearms training program as a prerequisite for obtaining a concealed carry permit. The training program must be approved by the Maryland State Police and cover the necessary topics outlined in state regulations.

Q4. Can I participate in free concealed carry training programs if I already have a concealed carry permit?

Yes, even if you already have a concealed carry permit, participating in free training programs can be beneficial for skill enhancement and staying up to date with the latest laws and regulations. It is a great opportunity to refresh your knowledge and improve your shooting proficiency.

Q5. Are there any ongoing costs associated with the free training programs?

While the training itself may be offered free of charge, there may be additional costs associated with obtaining a concealed carry permit in Maryland. These costs can include the application fee, fingerprinting fees, and the cost of background checks. It is important to consider these additional expenses when planning to obtain a concealed carry permit.


Finding and signing up for free concealed carry training programs in Maryland requires research, diligence, and understanding of the eligibility requirements. By following the outlined steps and contacting reputable organizations or community initiatives, individuals can take advantage of the opportunities to receive free concealed carry training. Remember, proper training is crucial for responsible firearms ownership, and these free programs offer an accessible pathway to obtaining the necessary skills and knowledge for carrying concealed in Maryland.


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