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How To Select The Right Metal Carport For Your Needs (1)
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How To Select The Right Metal Carport For Your Needs?

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Are you searching for a metal or steel structure to protect your automobiles? Choosing a 3-car carport with storage is a great option. Whatever you plan to do with your prefabricated carport, the essential decision you may make during purchasing is the size.

Try reading to learn more about selecting the right metal carport size for your requirements. If you are still trying to decide the best size for your structure and ensure it meets your needs.

Methods to select the perfect width whenever building a Metal Carport:

1: Purpose

When constructing a metal carport, the first decision you should make is how the carport will be used. A carport is typically used for parking a vehicle underneath, but this is only the case for some.

Some use it as a patio or even as a shelter for pools. Regardless of why you are building a carport, you must ensure the size you get is appropriate for the job.

2: Width and Length

Depending on the width, carport sizes can be categorized as single, double, or triple carports. One vehicle can fit under a single-car carport; two can fit under a double carport. And three can fit under a triple carport. No matter the width, you can get them in any required length.

If you do not have room to add more width, you can easily convert your single carport into a two-car alternative by doubling the length. Also, the size can be altered to suit various-sized vehicles, like delivery trucks, yachts, etc.

While these dimensions are frequently considered typical and serve as a decent starting point for size estimation, your carport can be tailored to the precise measures that best meet your needs.

3: Single Car

They are normally 12 feet wide, properly sized for single automobiles, and provide space on either side to easily pass around open doors.
Likewise, they remove items from the vehicle while protected by the carport. They are not ideal for vehicles like RVs, motorhomes, or trailers, as getting a larger car into the narrow opening may be challenging.

4: Double Car

A double carport can be between 18 and 24 feet wide. The 24-foot width is suggested for parking two standard-size cars or a large recreational vehicle.

For two compact automobiles, one regular Car, and a smaller vehicle like an ATV, motorcycle, or speedboat, an 18-foot-wide carport is preferable.

Measure both vehicles and consider the space required to enter and exit on all sides to determine how much space you'll need.

5: Triple Car

Triple carports usually measure 26 to 30 feet wide and have room for three vehicles. A three-car carport may accommodate three cars and two other goods like tractors, boats, etc.

6: Regular Roof

Offering protection is one of the advantages of a carport. A carport may provide great protection for any outside structure, including a pool, playground, patio furniture, barbeque, etc.

Deciding Between Metal Carport Sizes

1: Type of Vehicle

A one-vehicle carport can easily accommodate a regular car or a small truck. You should buy a larger carport if you still think you won't have enough space to move around. Consider a double or triple carport if you have larger vehicles, such as a trailer, an RV, or a heavy-duty truck.

2: Number of Vehicles

Another aspect that affects the size of your carport is how many vehicles you intend to fit inside. You'll need a bigger carport if you have more than one vehicle.

Very crucial is the space between the trucks. The distance between the cars must be large enough for the doors of each automobile to open without slamming into the other.

3: Height of Your Vehicle

While choosing your carport, it's important to consider the height of your vehicle. This ensures that there is ample clearance for your Car. Standard cars fit nicely in carports with a normal height measurement of 12 feet. Consider making your metal carport taller if you own a tall vehicle, such as an RV or a truck, or if your Car has a roof rack.

4: Intended Use

The size of your steel carport will also depend on what you plan to use it for. You should be wise in choosing the custom carport that is best suited for your requirements if you need to keep several vehicles in one spot or store a variety of automobiles, specific equipment, or other vehicles.

The Top Benefits of Carports

1: Weather

Carport parking is one of the best things you can do for your vehicle. This will protect your car from inclement weather impacts, such as sun exposure, ice, snow, and heavy rain.

2: Versatility

Much more than merely storing automobiles, carports have many other uses. They can also defend cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and outdoor spaces.

3: Durability

The world's strongest substance is steel. When choosing metal garages in Greensboro, NC, you can get durable metal carports that are made to withstand even the worst weather. They are also fireproof, pest- and mold-resistant, and non-corrosive.


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