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IoT Services Tends – Come Nearer to The Future

"Connecting the Physical and Digital Worlds."

IoT-connected devices are forecasted globally, which will drive 18% of growth in connections if compared with the records from 2022? Product development is also well-known as new product management. Most of the people out there are unaware of the fact that product development is a series of steps. Those steps are inclusive of the conceptualization, design, development, and marketing of newly created goods or services.

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Learn More About Our Technanosoft Technologies IoT Solution

The objective of our Technanosoft Technologies solution from a business perspective is to formulate, sustain and supplement a company’s market share. It’s important to understand that not every product is appealing to every customer or client base. Here, defining the target market for a specified product plays a major role. This can be achieved by conducting quantitative market research. The researches are not for the initial phases; it can be done at all phases, from the conceiving stage to the stage where the product has been launched.

Technanosoft Technologies, a leading provider of IoT solutions, released a press today for the announcement of its new product development services. And aiming to help businesses to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.

Stages Defined Under Product Development

Our team undergoes 5 stages for the same:

  • Planning and Strategy:

In this rapidly growing landscape, the first stage is planning and strategy. This stage focuses on defining the business objectives, identifying the key stakeholders, and developing a roadmap for its implementation. These are done to ensure the business case for the solution and to comprehend all the technical requirements and constraints in the future.

While undergoing this stage, our Technanosoft Technologies solutions also identify the potential risks and challenges associated with it. This might be inclusive of conducting a practicability study, evaluating the competitive landscape, and determining potential partners and vendors.

  • Design and Architecture:

The next stage of an IoT solution is the designing and architectural part. Here in this stage, Technanosoft Technologies defines the technical architecture of your solution that would be inclusive of hardware, software, and network infrastructure. In production development, it’s equally important to pick the right hardware and software components. Also, make sure to access suitable communication protocols and security standards.

Moreover, in this stage, we also define the data model and analytics requirements for your solution. For this, the process may involve the identification of data to be collected, the frequency of the data collection, and lastly, the method of analyzing and visualization of the data.

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  • Development and Testing:

Up next, the third stage is development and testing. In this stage, we work towards building and testing by utilizing an iterative and agile development process. We work with a well-defined process for prototyping, testing, and iteration, along with clear milestones and deliverables.

We understand the importance of conducting rigorous testing and quality assurance. It guarantees that the solution meets the technical and business requirements. This includes unit tests, integration tests, and acceptance tests. Additionally, we work on performance and scalability testing.

  • Deployment and Integration:

This stage is where the rubber meets the road, and your IoT solution becomes a reality. Here, in this part of the process, we deploy your solution in a real-world environment. And, then integrate it with existing systems and processes. Technanosoft Technologies works with a well-defined process for deployment, which has clear goals and responsibilities for all the stakeholders.

Here, you will work closely with our IT team and stakeholders for your assurance during the deployment process to ensure it goes smoothly and seamlessly. But bear this in mind; it’s not solely about technical implementation. It is more about change management and stakeholder engagement. So, get ready with your trained employees for the new solution in your hand.

  • Operations and Maintenance:

Here comes the final stage, which is operations and maintenance. We delicately manage your solution over its lifecycle, inclusive of ongoing maintenance, support, and optimization. For the last stage, we integrate a well-defined process with clear SLAs (Service-level agreements) and support channels.

Moreover, we continuously monitor and optimize to reduce any gap for incorrectness and make sure that it satisfies the evolving business and technical requirements. We conduct regular performance and security audits and execute new features and functionality.

"We feel enthusiastic about serving our customers a unique way to accelerate their digital journey to thrive against emerging trends" With the integration of our product development services designed especially for businesses with varied needs, you can assist your business to move quickly and efficiently from ideation to production by taking full advantage of the benefits associated with IoT"

Technanosoft Technologies’s product development services are inclusive of the range of offerings, regardless of business size and industry. These offerings include:

  • Instantaneous prototyping and proof-of-concept development
  • Agile software development and experimenting
  • Constant integration and deployment
  • Cloud infrastructure management and optimization
  • Data analytics and visualization
  • Hardware Offerings, includes Sensors, Wearables, and Industrial machines
  • Software Offerings, include IoT platforms, Analytics tools, and Visualization tools

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Benefits of Using Production Development Services for IoT

  • Speed and Agility: With agile methodologies and continuous integration and deployment, your enterprise can move quickly from ideation to production.
  • Reduced Risk: Identify and address issues early in the development process with rapid prototyping and testing of IoT solutions.
  • Innovation: We encourage innovation and creativity with a flexible and iterative development process. We experiment with new ideas and approaches that lead to breakthrough innovations and competitive advantages.
  • Cost savings: It reduces the time-to-market and risk of failure. Also, avoid costly delays and mistakes to get solutions to market faster and generate revenue sooner.
  • Customization: Personalize the IoT solutions to meet their specific needs and requirements amongst industries with unique challenges and conditions.

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“We consider that IoT solutions have the potential to transform industries, hence, create new opportunities for businesses. “The fundamental part of our strategy is our product development services that will help our customers to unlock the full potential of IoT.”

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