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IVD Antibody Development Platform

IVD Antibody

We produce and validate antibodies against a number of biomarker proteins. Areas of research include cancer, apoptosis, neurobiology, immunology, cardiovascular diseases, and infectious diseases. We provide custom biomarker development services including: Design, synthesis, and conjugation of appropriate peptides to generate antibodies with expected affinity and specificity. Monoclonal antibodies can be generated in a mouse, rat, hamster or other species, to meet our particular host requirements. Polyclonal antibody services allow for the production of antibodies from a wide variety of host species. Matched mAb-mAb, mAb-pAb, and pAb-pAb antibody pairs for ELISA assay. Both hybridoma and phage display technologies are available for custom antibody development. Recombinant antibodies of both full length (species and isotype switching) and partial length (scFv, Fab, F(ab)2, BsAb). Antibody variable region cloning and sequencing, antibody humanization, and antibody optimization. Complete peptide & antibody purification service using both traditional and custom affinity methodology.


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