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Key differences between featured snippets and rich snippets

Featured snippets Vs Rich snippets

Rich snippets and featured snippets are two popular search features that go above and beyond the typical blue link to give the user important information within the SERP. The results are more query-oriented because they both display more content than a typical snippet and focus on a particular user purpose.

How do they vary, though? Rich results (rich snippets) are page listings enhanced with additional visual or interactive elements that make them stand out, as opposed to featured snippets, which display extracted page content in a highlighted box as a result zero.

Before directly jumping on the key differences between featured snippets and rich snippets, let’s understand each term in detail.

What is the featured snippet?

Also known as 'position zero' search results, featured snippets are those selected snippets that appear above the organic search results. They usually provide quick answers to users' search queries.

What is a rich snippet?

Popularly known as 'rich results', rich snippets are organic search results with some additional information displayed. Examples of rich snippets include products, reviews, events, recipes, articles, and more.

Here are the key differences between featured snippets and rich snippets

Featured snippets Rich snippets
Featured snippets are the information that shows at the top of search results. Rich snippets are the structured markup data that help search engines understand.
The main objective of featured snippets is to display the right keyword and answer in a short and concise way. The main objective of rich snippets is to increase the search for relevant answers by providing extra search information.
Your content should be in the snippet format in order to rank featured snippets. Rich snippets help the search engine understand your page's content in a better way.
It is a summary that answers the user's query. It is additional information about particular sites and products.
It shows concise and accurate answers.


It shows the brand credibility of a business.
It can be in the form of a number list, paragraph, bullet points, or a combination of a few straight lines. It can be a review rating, price, location, or date.

How can snippets be beneficial for your website?

Rich and featured snippets are fantastic because they let you explain what your website is about before the user even clicks on the link. Even if you are listed lower on the SERP, you can get users to click on your link by using intriguing titles and easily readable content. People are more likely to engage on your featured snippet than any other if your site is optimized for them. Understanding how Google creates snippets and how to optimize your website for them is crucial if you want to reap the rewards of optimizing your sites for snippets.


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Key differences between featured snippets and rich snippets 0 reviews

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