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Need Cycle Expert Suggestions & Services?

Cycling is evolving as a healthy way of transporting, rather a healthier way of living overall. With its eco-friendly qualities staying intact over the years, the little exercise it makes your legs do goes a long way impacting your health positively. 


What’s the hype about cycling?  

People are resorting to cycling to offices and desired destinations that serves them in multiple ways-

  • Exercise is being done on the go
  • Can ditch long main routes and take the by lanes to avoid crowd
  • Reach desired destinations quicker and faster
  • Beautiful legs and a healthy heart received as a gift! 
  • Job done as a contributor towards protecting the earth in a teensy weensy way!


All these major advantages associated with cycling convince more to pamper the enthusiasm for cycling inside them. 


But, the challenge is not everyone knows which type of cycle and from which brand to source for an enriching cycling experience. 


Any cyclist knows about cycles, REALLY? 

Newbie cyclists have lots of questions crowding their mind for obvious reasons. 


Veloton in-store cycling experts ensure the crowd of confusions does not cloud their judgement. For it, the right suggestions and services are necessary that Veloton in-store experts are popular for amongst its customers. 


Now, what is Veloton?

Veloton is the biggest cycle shop in Kolkata with a wide range of premium bicycle collections. They also provide genuine cycle parts and useful accessories. Professional-grade bicycle maintenance services in different package forms are also available at this cycle showroom. 


A cycle shop where full-fledged bike maintenance is provided is bound to have experienced cycling experts. They assemble different cycle parts and fit them together to help you get home fit-to-ride bikes. 


Who else can guide any cyclist (professional or just a daily commuter) with informed suggestions and bike maintenance services other than Veloton? 


So, what to expect?

  • Information regarding types of cycles that will suit you, cycle brands accessible within your budget, and the different components/accessories to enhance your cycling experience. 
  • Information regarding ways to maintain your bike.
  •  Assistance to address any bicycle related concerns, major or minor. 

By now, what you should know is..

Professional cyclists usually keep sound knowledge regarding cycles. But, it is the professional bike maintenance service providers and trained in-store experts who can guide them further. 


That’s what Veloton experts offer at Veloton besides just premium cycles.


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Need Cycle Expert Suggestions & Services? 0 reviews

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