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How can I download Twitter videos from X?
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How can I download Twitter videos from X?

It’s all over the news that the famous social media platform Twitter underwent a major rebranding from the moment its board and CEO changed. One of the many things modified is its name which is now just ‘X’. Although a lot of netizens were puzzled and disapproved, it won’t change the fact that Twitter – the old short-form text-based communication, is now an all-around app that’s not just for communication, entertainment, and gossip but also financial services and technological advancement. Thanks to its technologically-inclined new CEO: Elon Musk. 

However, despite the anomaly, X remained a perfect place to watch, interact, and share videos that entertain the hearts of many – online or not. And to maximize doing so, using tools like to download any X videos for free is a total relief. 


Why is Twitter Rebranded to X?

With its iconic blue bird logo and its unique character limit, Twitter has transformed the way people communicate, share information, and connect. The story of Twitter began with its founders Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. They envisioned a platform that would allow users to send short, real-time messages known as "tweets." The idea was to create a space where people could share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences concisely and immediately.

Today, the new Twitter that is X is more than just ‘tweets’ as the new CEO Elon Musk wants it to be an ‘everything app’ where you can also do financial services and invest in certain companies or subsidiaries that you think are worth it. 

But even if the changes that are happening can be overwhelming, we can all agree that a good old-fashioned rant on the social platform can ease our day a little bit. Musk also didn’t change the use of hashtags – albeit other people saying (including the hashtag founder) that he is mismanaging it. From political debates to viral trends, X has the power to shape public opinion and drive social change – no matter whether it’s being rebranded or not. 


Download Twitter videos from X for free

It’s time that we move on to the highlight of this post and take a look at how you can download Twitter videos from X for free

  1. Search for and click ‘Enter’. 
  2. Visit your X account and choose the videos you want to download. You can select as many videos as you want, however, you can only download them one by one. 
  3. Copy the URL of your preferred video and paste it on the X video downloader bar. 
  4. Tap ‘download’ and X video downloader will retrieve the video in various formats and resolutions of your choice. 
  5. Finally, save the video on your device so you can either share it with your friends or watch it offline!

With X Video Downloader, gone are the days of searching for third-party applications or struggling with complex procedures. This efficient tool offers a seamless experience, enabling you to download Twitter videos with just these few simple and user-friendly steps.


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