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Live Biotherapeutics Drug
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Probiotics small-scale production

Advantages of Lab-scale Production of Live Biotherapeutics

Live biotherapeutics are a class of medicines which is used for the prevention, treatment, or cure of a disease or condition. In the early development stages of live biotherapeutics, lab-scale production provides a more flexible platform for the research and application of live biotherapeutics. Compared with large-scale production, small-scale production has several advantages:

  • Low Cost: Lab-scale production for live biotherapeutics refers to the production of a live biotherapeutic product with a small plant-size firm. It requires less capital, time, and manpower.
  • Low Risk: Lab-scale production can adjust its production strategy in time to avoid material waste.
  • Personal Attention to Customers: Lab-scale production pays more attention to customers' needs and can adjust production strategies according to customers' temporary decisions.
  • Suitable for early development and production of live biotherapeutics.


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Probiotics small-scale production 0 reviews

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