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Role of Algae in the pharma industry 


The Pharma industry is one of the essential developing industries as it relates to human health. Researchers found that algae are enriched with bioactive metabolites, antibiotics, antiviral, and more nutritional substances. As it becomes an excellent source of nutritional supplements made, it is an absolute solution for drug production. So much marine algae research is conducted to find solutions using algae products. Here we have discussed how algae benefit the pharma industry.

Antiviral properties:

Most algae products have antiviral properties and fight against active herpetic viruses. It delivers good prevention of virus infections. Carragren from red algae, alginate from Brown algae, Nostaflan from Blue-green algae, and Fucan from Brown algae are some examples of biomass bioeconomy with antiviral properties. These will deliver good protection against harmful viruses like influenza, HIV, HBV, HSV-1, HSV-2, and more.


Most species of algae have the ability to prevent cancer growth and oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Polyphenols, phycobiliproteins, and vitamins are some effective antioxidants found in algae. These antioxidants are essential supplements to treat chronic diseases and cardiovascular diseases. This reveals the capacity of algae products and pushes researchers to improve Algae planet indiaThere are so many techniques for extracting these nutritional supplements from algae are invented.

Anti-cancer properties: 

As we discussed earlier, algae products are enriched with antioxidant properties, which are good for preventing harmful diseases. It provides such beneficial elements, increasing Healthy sustainable planet  in many countries. Algae with beta-carotenes used in treating oral cancers and algae with floral compounds are used as therapeutics for cancer. Research says that algae products enhance the body's immune regulation, prevent tumor angiogenesis, and deliver good anti-cancer activity.

Final words:

As algae products contain such beneficial nutritional supplements, it is a complete solution for various drug production. And thus, it benefits human health and supports the pharma industry developments.






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Role of Algae in the pharma industry  0 reviews

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