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Rx Massage
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Rx Massage

Rx Massage is an orthopedic, outpatient private practice specializing in the rehabilitation of pre and post surgical sports and non-sports injuries. We utilize the most up-to-date manual therapy as well as therapeutic exercises in our one-on-one sessions. We work every day to help all our patients reach their individual and prescribed goals to help them integrate back into full participation in all their life activities.

Our Services:
1. Active Release Technique (ART)
2. Deep Relaxation
3. Sports Massage
4. StretchFix
5. Therapeutic Massage
6. Therapeutic Massage – Active Cupping

Every “Body” is unique and different. It isn’t one size fits all. We believe in one on one, personal care. Our expectation is that every patient receives a comprehensive exam and the findings from that exam are used to create a customized treatment program to meet their specific needs.

If you want to experience the incredible health benefits of massage, but going to an over-the-top ‘fluff-only’ day spa isn’t for you, Rx Massage is your perfect answer to relaxation and wellness.

A visit to Rx Massage is a truly Therapeutic Massage. Our treatments are for anyone looking to get away from the chaos of the day and feel better — effectively.

Our convenient locations within several Physical Therapy clinics — including Rausch PT and Rausch PT Dana Point — are proof of our commitment to providing massages that not only get you relaxed but also get you results.

Private massage suites offer clients a dynamic-yet-tranquil environment that invigorates and fosters positive healing energy. Our expert therapists carefully customize each session to target your specific issues and goals, so you will always leave not only with what you needed from your massage but with a marvelous refreshed feeling as well.

What’s more? If you have a nagging injury, upcoming surgery, lingering pain or have had an accident, our Physical Therapy services are right there, ready to compliment the massage therapy and ensure total healing.


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30100 Town Center Drive, Y/Z Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
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