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Suiting for men

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 Coat pant is one of the most popular dress in the entire world and because of it`s stylish and nice looks, everybody likes to wear that. Coat pant has a history since old times. In old age the Europeans started to wear Coat pant but in that times people use to wear long length coats with pants but over time long length coats slowly became out of trend and then shorter length coats became popular and till now most people likes to wear this style of suits. Black suit and navy blue color suit is one of the most favorite suits among all generations. Guys and men from all generations love to wear these two colors in different kind of styles.

Suits have various styles to wear but some of the most famous styles are

  • two piece suit
  • three piece suit
  • tuxedo suit
  • double breasted style suit

Two piece suit:

This is the most famous and popular style in coat pant. In this style, the suit consists of two parts one is a coat and the other is pants. This is the most popular and favorite among all generations because it’s easy to wear and easy to dry clean.

Three piece suit:

Three piece suit is formal wear and people use to wear this style of suiting in their formal meetings and grooms in their valima receptions. This kind of suiting consists of waist coat inside the coat and matching pants at the bottom. This amazing and famous style gives the formal and classy looks that two-piece suiting cannot deliver.

Tuxedo style suit:

Tuxedo is a whole different kind of style, in that luxurious style the coat has a wide lapel and the shirt inside the coat is much different than the normal shirt. The collar of the tuxedo shirt is way different and the plates on the front side of shirt look classy and give a lavish and amazing look to the person who wears that attire.

We have many years of experience in manufacturing suits and we have a skilled and hard working team who makes our attires. We give you the classy and elegant looks that you rightfully deserve.


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