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Sun Valley Caregivers

We offer a number of different sorts of marijuana, as well as various strains, edibles, and other cannabis products.

Burning marijuana leaves does produce tar, in case you were wondering. However, unlike smoking, using marijuana from our Los Angeles cannabis dispensary in the kitchen has no negative health effects, and no carcinogens are inhaled. It has been established that marijuana smokers inhale more deeply into their lungs (and retain the smoke there for a longer period of time) than cigarette smokers, resulting in four times as much tar in their lungs. The euphoric effects of cooked marijuana differ from those of smoked marijuana. Due to metabolic processes in the liver, ingesting marijuana orally produces a different form of THC than smoking it. It is important to note that 11-OH-THC has stronger and longer-lasting effects than regular THC (Delta-9THC). For more info about marijuana dispensary near me visit our site there you find more details.


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11000 Randall St #E, Sun Valley, CA 91352
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