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The Impact Of Covid-19 On The Demand For Passport Scanner Machines
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The Impact Of Covid-19 On The Demand For ID Scanner Machines

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected businesses worldwide, and the demand for certain products and services has changed. One industry that has been affected is the ID scanner machine industry, which has seen a significant shift in demand due to the pandemic. In this guest blog, we will discuss the impact of Covid-19 on demand for ID scanner machines, with a particular focus on age-verification scanners.

What is an ID Scanner Machine?

An ID scanner verifies an individual's identity and age by scanning and analyzing their ID card, driver's license, or passport. Age-verification ID scanners, in particular, are commonly used by businesses such as bars, restaurants, and liquor stores to verify that a customer is of legal age to purchase alcohol or tobacco products.

The Impact of Covid-19 on Businesses

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a worldwide impact, with many experiencing closures, reduced revenue, and changes in customer behavior. Social distancing requirements, lockdowns, and curfews have also affected the operations of many businesses, including those that rely on age-verification scanners.

Due to Covid-19, many businesses have shifted their operations to online sales, delivery, and curbside pickup. As a result, the demand for age-verification scanners in these industries has decreased. Conversely, businesses that have remained open during the pandemic, such as grocery stores and pharmacies, have seen increased demand for age-verification scanners.

In addition, Covid-19 has changed customer behavior, with many individuals now choosing to drink and socialize at home rather than at bars and restaurants. This shift in behavior has also affected the demand for age-verification scanners.

Why Businesses used ID Scanner Machines Before Covid-19

Businesses have used ID scanner machines for a variety of reasons. One primary reason is to ensure compliance with age-restriction laws and regulations. For example, bars and nightclubs use ID scanner machines to verify the age of their customers before allowing them to enter. These machines help prevent underage drinking and reduce the risk of fines and legal action for non-compliance.

Another reason businesses use ID scanner machines is to improve their overall security. For instance, casinos use ID scanner machines to verify the identity of customers and ensure they are not on any exclusion lists or barred from entering the premises. These machines also help identify fake IDs and prevent fraud.

The Impact Of Covid-19 On The Demand For ID Scanner Machines

Post Covid-19 pandemic, ID scanner machines have increased, which have become essential for businesses to ensure compliance with age-restriction laws and regulations.

However, the pandemic has also changed customer behavior, hitting specific industries harder than others. 

Industries that were Hit Hardest and Why

The industries hit hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic include bars, nightclubs, and casinos, where closures and reduced capacity significantly impacted their operations.

With fewer customers and less need for age verification, the demand for ID scanner machines decreased, resulting in lower sales for companies selling these machines.

Why Contactless ID Scanner Machines Became more Popular During Covid-19

The pandemic has led to a spike in demand for contactless solutions across industries. One of the prime reasons for this is the need for social distancing and reducing physical contact.

With traditional ID verification methods, businesses often need to handle physical documents and come into proximity with their customers, which poses a significant risk during the pandemic.

Contactless ID scanner machines offer a safer alternative by allowing businesses to verify the identity of their customers without any physical contact. These machines can quickly and accurately scan and verify government-issued IDs, such as driver's licenses and passports. The process is touchless, reducing the risk of virus transmission and ensuring the safety of both customers and employees.

Benefits of contactless ID scanner machines for businesses

Contactless ID scanner machines offer several advantages for businesses, especially during the pandemic. Let's check out some of these benefits:

Safer And More Hygienic:

Contactless ID scanners eliminate the need for physical contact, reducing the risk of virus transmission. It ensures the safety of both employees and customers.

Faster And More Efficient:

ID scanners can scan and verify IDs in seconds, saving time and improving efficiency. This mainly benefits businesses with high foot traffic, such as bars, restaurants, and retail stores.

Better Accuracy And Compliance:

ID scanner machines use advanced technology to scan and verify IDs, ensuring greater accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements. This reduces the risk of errors and potential legal issues.

Improved Customer Experience:

ID scanner solutions offer a seamless and efficient ID verification process, improving the overall customer experience. This is particularly important during the pandemic when customers are more concerned about safety and hygiene.

That said, contactless solutions like ID scanner machines will play an increasingly important role in keeping customers and employees safe.


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