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Best restaurants in USA 2023
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Top Restaurants Across the U.S.A.

Top Restaurants Across the U.S.A.

Top Restaurants Across the U.S.A.

Our first-ever reader's choice awards, Global Tastemakers, honor the top culinary locations both domestically and overseas. F&W readers cast their votes for places to eat and drink, cities, hotels, airports, airlines, and cruises based on trips taken within the previous three years. The winners of this year's Global Tastemakers competition represent a narrower region of the world due to the restrictions of pandemic travel. We're putting an editor's choice in many categories to draw attention to some additional must-visit culinary locations.

1. Jean Georges, New York City

Every time we visit New York City, we eat here, and each time is better than the last. Every dish is a piece of art, thus it makes sense why there are so many cameras capturing so many food photos. Everything about quality and consistency fully demonstrates by the fact & figure that every single item tastes even better than it does every single time. Lunches are inexpensive. The staff is outstanding, and the wine list is extensive. No matter how many days you spend in the city, you must not miss this experience.

2. Addison, San Diego

Addison gained one star for its superbly executed French-influenced cuisine when Michelin extended to encompass all of California in 2019, but chef William Bradley had higher aspirations. He and his team decided to revamp the menu and develop a voice that was more distinctively their own by concentrating on the local produce, flavors, and cultures. The nine-course tasting menu, dubbed "California Gastronomy," features delicacies like Regiis Ova caviar perched atop creamy koshihikari rice with a smoked sabayon and sesame seeds. It also includes Thai coconut soup tom kha gai. When Michelin took notice, they gave Addison two stars in the California guide for 2021 before giving it its third this past December.

3.Zuni Cafe, San Francisco 

The local eatery in the nation is called Zuni Cafe. Gilbert Pilgram, the owner, and Rebecca Boice, the executive chef, successfully uphold her legacy. The Zuni classics are ineluctably present on every seasonal menu, including the legendary roast chicken for two, the trend-setting burger, the unrivaled Caesar salad, and the dish of polenta that unquestionably contains more dairy than corn.

4. Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, New York City

Chef César Ramirez relocated his fine-dining establishment from Downtown Brooklyn to Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan, thus the moniker is a little misleading. But the structure has persisted. The chefs are visible as they prepare a multi-course tasting menu of French-Japanese fusion cuisine for the diners who are seated in a circle around a counter. A Michelin inspector said, "I don't believe there is anything quite like it in the world, though you might see the closest parallels in Tokyo or Kyoto," after Brooklyn Fare received its third star.

5. Besalt, Honolulu

With our friendly staff, first-rate service, and extensive menu, we make it easy and convenient to access your favorite treasures, tastes, and scents of the islands in the Besalt. with the inclusion of delectable, fresh food from our Island Kitchen area, including sandwiches, fresh salads, and dinners inspired by islands. We entertain your friends and business associates with the same respect and to a high professional standard, whether it's for intimate family gatherings or huge corporate events. Try our legendary Charcoal Buttermilk Pancakes, a specialty drink, or entrees featuring steak and seafood every day from breakfast through supper and happy hour.

6. Moon Rabbit

Chef Kevin Tien transforms Vietnamese food at this Michelin-starred establishment inside the InterContinental Washington D.C. - The Wharf. He was recognized as one of our Best New Chefs in 2018 when he was working as a lone chef at Himitsu. Now, he is drawing even more inspiration from his Louisiana-born, first-generation Vietnamese-American upbringing. Bring a group since you'll want to sample as many of these meals as you can because they are made to be shared.

7. Star India Restaurant, California

Welcome to the Star India Restaurant! We provide the top North Indian cuisine meals. We are here in San Francisco, California, on Geary Boulevard. In 1992, the Star India restaurant opened. It's the ideal setting for making memories with your loved ones. We offer our clients wonderful vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian cuisine. We offer dishes with distinctive tastes that reflect Indian culture, heritage, and religion. We also offer takeout and delivery services, which take 45 to 55 minutes. Star India restaurants may organize private parties and provide catering for your occasion. Embrace our supper!

8. Editor’s Pick: Daru (Washington, DC)

It's impossible to find anything except happiness at this magnificent "Indian-ish" restaurant in Washington, D.C. A lunch at Daru is usually a pleasant surprise in the nicest way, with standout dishes like burrata swimming in black daal and tacos loaded with tandoori-grilled chicken, fluffy naan, and striped fish cooked in makrut lime leaves. (Make sure to try the Indian whisky, banana, and black walnut cocktail.) No matter the day, chef Suresh Sundas and bar manager Dante Datta are committed to employing American ingredients in unexpected, heartwarming ways while retaining unique Indian flavors.


"From sandwich shops and food trucks to fine dining establishments, the Top 100 list reflects the diverse tastes and uniqueness of our community of users," said Tara Lewis, Yelp's Trend Expert. We welcome customers to continue to share their dining experiences in their evaluations since by the people, not a small group of restaurant critics."

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