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What exactly are Python literals?

Python Training in Pune,

A literal is a straightforward way of expressing a value. Literals in the language represent the primitive type possibilities available. Some of the most frequent types of literals include integers, floating-point numbers, Booleans, and character strings. Python recognises the following literals: Python Course in Pune

Literals in Python refer to data stored in variables or constants. In Python, there are various sorts of literals.

String Literals are a series of characters encased in a set of codes. There might be single, double, or triple strings depending on the amount of quotes utilised. Character literals are single characters surrounded by single or double quotation marks. Python Classes in Pune

Numeric Literals: These are unchanging numbers that can be classified as integer, float, or complex.

True or False, which represent '1' and '0,' respectively, can be given to them as Boolean Literals.

Special Literals: It is used to classify fields that were not created. The value 'none' is used to represent it.


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What exactly are Python literals? 0 reviews

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