Welcome to our family of rare red standard poodles! At Rosa Red Standard Poodles in Virginia, we are more than just breeders – we are a family united by a remarkable love for dogs. Our journey into the world of breeding started over two decades ago, and since then, we have dedicated ourselves to raising high-quality red standard poodles with excellent temperament, health, and beauty. Join us as we take you behind the scenes and share our passion for these majestic and genetically sound dark red standard poodles.

A Family of Love and Care:

At Rosa Red Standard Poodles, our poodles are not just dogs; they are cherished members of our family. We believe in home-raised breeding, which means our beloved poodles are raised within the warm embrace of our home. They are given the same love, care, and attention that any family member would receive. Our poodles have their bedrooms and even a special place in our kitchen for meals and snacks – they are an integral part of our daily lives.

Temperament and Perfection:

Our primary goal as breeders is to produce red standard poodles with exceptional temperament and perfection. We understand that these qualities are essential for creating the best companion animals for families. To achieve this, we have meticulously hand-picked high-quality AKC-registered parents from renowned bloodlines such as Shangri-la and Palmares. Our commitment to breeding for temperament ensures that each pup embodies intelligence, caring nature, and a strong drive to work and please.

Meet Braze and Cayenne:

Our pride and joy lie in our two exceptional poodles, Braze and Cayenne. Braze, affectionately known as “Brazen Fire Red King,” is a stunning example of the breed with a thick, healthy red coat that many breeders desire for perfecting their programs. Cayenne, our “Red Queen of Spice,” brings her delightful personality and impeccable temperament to the mix. Both Braze and Cayenne have passed all OFA and DNA health screenings, ensuring they carry excellent genes for their offspring.

Health and Genetic Screening:

Ensuring the health and well-being of our poodles and their future generations is of paramount importance to us. We conduct thorough genetic health tests to eliminate the possibility of breeding dogs with potential health issues. Before we provided stud services, we ensured that our dogs underwent comprehensive genetic testing. Our commitment to genetic screening safeguards the continued production of healthy and happy poodle puppies.

From Whelping Room to Loving Homes:

The journey of our poodle puppies begins in our specially prepared whelping room, where they are surrounded by close family members from birth. During this critical period, a dedicated Critical Care Nurse assists the mother to ensure the well-being of both the dam and her puppies. We take pride in providing around-the-clock care and attention to the puppies, setting a strong foundation for their physical and emotional development.


Rosa Red Standard Poodles is more than just a breeding program – it is a labor of love and dedication by a family who adores these magnificent creatures. Our focus on producing rare dark red standard poodles with exceptional temperament and health sets us apart as responsible and passionate breeders. As we continue our journey, we invite you to join our family and share in the joy of discovering the world of rare red standard poodles. Whether you are seeking a loving companion or a potential addition to your breeding program, our poodles will surely steal your heart with their beauty, intelligence, and loving nature.