Whether you are an IT recruitment agency in Manchester or an employer planning to start hiring on your own, staying on the hiring trends is very important to craft a successful hiring strategy.

Many businesses as well as recruiters face problems when hiring professionals, most commonly because of the changing hiring landscape at the international level. In this blog, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the interesting trends of hiring in the recruitment field.

Change in Working Patterns – Gone are the days when people would strive for the traditional 9-5 jobs. With the endless opportunities, all thanks to the involvement of technology, more people are now supporting the ‘work from home’ culture, which is accepted internationally. Apart from this, temporary hiring is also a growing culture with more than 16 million temporary and contract employees hired throughout the course of the year in the US alone. The most common reason for this change is that it offers flexibility and working part-time or on a contractual basis gives them the freedom to balance their work and personal life.

Additionally, it was found that an estimated 53 million people took on gig work in the U.S. 34% of all U.S. workers performing gig/contingent work last recently. So we can say that the gig economy represents a shift in employment around the world. The experts in different fields are opting to work on a contractual basis out of necessity and choice.

Data-Driven Recruitment – Another very common trend that is being noticed across the world in the hiring and recruitment industry is the growing involvement of data. The reason here is that companies and hiring professionals are under immense pressure of hiring more talented professionals in a both cost and time-effective manner. Due to this, many agencies offering hiring services will have a huge database that can be useful to search for the best potential employee, according to the changing requirements of the employer. It is very important for the IT recruitment agency in Manchester.

When you have enough data available, the same can be used to make smart and informed decisions. For example, if there are certain fields in the application form that cause more time for the applicants to apply, perhaps you need to cut the form down or re-consider the questions you’re asking.

Candidate Experience – It is a fact that when it comes to hiring a new candidate for a particular job role, there is nothing more important than experience. After all, this is the first thing an employer will notice about the candidate when having a glance at the resume. Almost every IT recruitment agency in Manchester will be more likely to accept your offers if they have a positive route to hire. For that reason, experience is a key hiring trend you need to be on top of.  

So, what makes a positive candidate experience? It depends. You would need to start to write this with the candidate in min and other things like what they want to know, what would make them want to apply, etc. Make sure to write an impressive copy with bullet points so it’s easy to read. When the job requirement is poorly-written or doesn’t make sense, you’ll fall at the first hurdle.

Machine Learning & Automation – It is no secret that the technologies like Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are leading the market these days. Whether it is about invoice management, business operations management, or anything else, the involvement of these technologies is growing in the modern era and the hiring and recruitment field is no more left behind. In the current days, AI and ML play a vital role in helping to take over some of the more menial tasks and improving the overall user experience. This can help improve the relevancy of job matches for candidates, ultimately driving more applications to your clients’ vacancies. But you cannot leave anything to the technology, so make sure to keep monitoring what’s going on.

Another way to involve ML and AI technologies in your hiring process is by using them for resume screening. This will help make things easier by screening and then selecting the best resumes that are suitable according to the specific job requirements. This single step can help you to make effective, data-driven hiring decisions. But that’s not the only thing the latest technology can help during the hiring process. Many other areas can be automated by a professional IT recruitment agency in Manchester.

Diversity and Inclusion – Another common area that is gaining popularity across HRs and hiring professionals or agencies across the world is diversity and inclusion which directly affects talent acquisition and recruitment. According to the data, businesses with a diverse workforce and inclusive workplaces have better productivity and profitability. At the same time, more candidates apply for companies following this practice at the workplace as this is considered a positive and comfortable working environment.

Stay on Top of These Trends

Various factors can affect the companies’ ability to hire right now. This is why every business or hiring service provider needs to stay on top of the latest trends and ensure your hiring process is fit for purpose. When you are following the best hiring modes, you can be sure to get your hands on the top and most-reliable employees of all time. Use these trends to make your job easier as well as more efficient without making the wrong decisions.

When you are an IT recruitment agency in Manchester, things can be challenging as you have to deal with clients as well as potential job seekers, with an endless depth of technology knowledge. Make sure to explore every possible way to know which candidate is the right choice for your job role so you can make the right choice and hire only the most suitable talents for the particular job role.