Empowerment, Inc. offers distinctive, immersive experiences through our transformative training and seminars thanks to our diversified experiences, educations, and years of accumulated advanced teachings. We combine psychological and neurological research with age-old spiritual teachings in order to assist you in finding your true path and firmly taking control of it going forward.


In addition to advanced courses like Accelerated NLP Practitioner Certification Training, we provide a wide spectrum of NLP training, such as Integrative NLP Practitioner CertificationĀ® Training and Integrative NLP Coaching.

Energy Formation with Nlptech

In-depth instruction established through 28 generations of spiritual shamanistic teachings, empowering you to open your connection to the world around you with the energy, healing and spiritual development utilized in ancient UAE

Our Courses

Improve your health, career, and personal life.

Our interactive, content-rich training events are deliberately created, allowing you to discover your inner strength while providing tools and techniques to uncover your actual purpose and the power within. We are here to serve as your guides to a more powerful you.

Training for Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification

Get rid of any restricting thoughts in your head and let go of any negative feelings or emotions.

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  • Advanced Education

Empowerment, Inc.’s staff, led by Dr. Matt James, is dedicated to your development. Our advanced training events build on our introductory trainings and keep giving our students solid, knowledge-rich lectures full of top-notch strategies to further their jobs, objectives, and desires. Attending one of our advanced training events can elevate your life to entirely new heights.

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Accelerated certification for master practitioners of NLP

The goal of this programme is to help participants develop their personal and professional mastery, as well as their mastery of a wide range of potent NLP-based approaches. You learn from a “higher logical level” here. All of the NLP techniques you have previously learnt are now far more effective.

Investigate the Master Practitioner Empowering Breakthrough

You will continue your education and exposure into higher levels of consciousness and empowerment through a better grasp of NLP during this second phase of the Accelerated Master Practitioner CertificationĀ® Program. Mental and emotional release through hypnosis

Nlptech Workshop on Higher Consciousness

Nlptech is regarded as one of the first healing and spiritual development arts and sciences. In this course, you will discover the world and the wisdom of ancient Hawai’i with Dr. Matt James and others trained in the Bray family tradition, one of Hawaii’s Living Golden Treasures

Program for Integrated NLP Coaching

Consisting of four unique modules made to make the best coaches possible in the market today. After successfully completing the programme, you will have the business, marketing, and coaching abilities necessary to hit the ground running and confidently.



The creation of master presenters takes place here; they are not born. Discover the essential characteristics of a successful presentation and how to internalize these techniques for your own success.

NLP Training Course information

I had significant turning points in both my personal and professional lives that have prevented me from succeeding for years. The time and money spent on this event were well spent.

MER Training

Dr. Matt and his team are sincere, caring, supportive, and radiate love and light. The seminar gave me tools and compassion for myself and others, as well as the ability to focus on what I want to do with my profession.

Altering Lives

We support encouraging people to utilize their own mental language because we are all destined to travel the path of self-discovery and improvement. And the reason our training is so successful, massively positive, and long-lasting is because we firmly believe in these concepts.