Tourist Attractions in Taiwan & places to Visit in Taiwan

Taiwan, located to the southeast of China, is one of the world’s most densely populated countries, with bustling and lively cities full of stunning old temples, superb museums, and active night markets offering a staggering array of wonderful cuisines. Many people appreciate discovering Taiwan’s wonderful environment away from its crowded cities, such as the gorgeous Sun Moon Lake and stunning Kinmen Island. Taiwan has long been at odds with China, which still claims the island, and the Taiwanese are polite and hospitable people who fervently defend their independence. Visitors visiting Taiwan will have their work cut out attempting to squeeze everything into a memorable vacation with such a broad assortment of things to do. Explore this Asian island with our list of the greatest places to visit in Taiwan. So you can book online tickets through Asiana Airlines, as well as you can explore with family and friends with beautiful nature.

Lists of diverse places in Taiwan

Tourist Attractions & places to Visit in Taiwan


Kaohsiung, a busy city full of life and energy, offers something for everyone to enjoy, and as a result, it is a popular tourist destination for both foreigners and locals. As the country’s marine and industrial center, it is the third most populated city, and commerce and trade have ensured a diverse mix of peoples, cultures, and communities, which is reflected in the exquisite cuisine on offer. It is an excellent site to conduct outdoor sports all year round, and both hiking and cycling will take tourists to many of the top vistas. Aside from that, Kaohsiung is home to many historic places, and new museums are opening every year.


Taiwan’s capital is a fantastic destination to visit, with enough to see and do. It is not only the political and economic heart of the island, but also its cultural heart, with a bustling arts and culture scene. It is a compelling place to visit in Taiwan, with an exciting combination of old and new in the great food and gorgeous architecture. Old temples may be seen among the skyscrapers, and the soaring Taipei 101 used to be the highest structure in the world. Head to the colorful and friendly Raohe Street Night Market for some wonderful food and entertainment for a genuine glimpse at local culture, while several institutions, such as the National Palace Museum, are on hand to let you dive deeper into Taiwan’s rich cultural legacy. 

Sun Moon Lake

There are various hotels and resorts located along the lake’s banks, as well as countless restaurants, stores, and pubs that cater to the visitor’s every need. You may sail on the lake, go for a lovely trek or bike ride in the hills around it, or relax on a boat cruise over its placid waters and take in the gorgeous view. Aside from the breathtaking natural beauty, there are several fantastic temples to explore, as well as a cable car trip that provides spectacular views of the lake below.

Taroko National Park

This national park receives its name from the spectacular canyon that runs through it and is therefore well worth visiting when in Taiwan. Taroko Gorge, carved out over hundreds and millennia by the flowing Liwu River, is the undeniable centerpiece of the area, coupled with the steep valleys, mountains, and other elements throughout the park.

You can be river rafting one minute, climbing through the canyons the next, and soaking in the Baiyang Waterfalls the next. The environment is simply stunning wherever you go, with some of the greatest views coming from the beautiful Eternal Spring Shrine and the Swallow Grotto. During the Taroko Music Festival, you may explore and enjoy the culture and customs of the people and groups who reside in the region. For Visa Related issues consult here


Formerly the capital of imperial Taiwan, this old city is well worth a visit, with a plethora of intriguing sites and cultural relics for travelers to appreciate. The Anping District, Tainan’s historic center, is a renowned tourist destination. There are several lovely historical temples in this region, as well as Fort Zeelandia, which was erected in the 17th century by the Dutch East India Company. There are several amazing museums, including the Koxinga and  Chimei Museums. Stop by the night markets to try some of the local food. Tainan is surrounded by beautiful scenery, so you may easily take a day excursion to the Nanhua or Hutoupi Reservoirs, or even to Taijian National Park.


The island’s second oldest town is a fascinating destination to explore, notably for its delectable local cuisine and gorgeous architecture. It was previously an important seaport and trade center in the country’s northwest, but its status has since eroded. Fortunately, its old structures have been preserved, and there are over two hundred temples for tourists to visit, with Longshan and Matzu being among the most popular. There is a diverse architectural style on display. Visitors to the city must eat the ox tongue cakes and oyster pancakes, which are regional delicacies.

Alishan National Scenic Area

The Alishan National Scenic Area is a wild and fascinating location that is quite rugged and comprises twenty-five mountains that climb to a height of two thousand meters or more. Exploring the hills, valleys, waterfalls, and woods is a fantastic experience, with breathtaking views. There are various trails and walkways that will lead you to some of the greatest overlooks and tourist attractions. The Alishan Forest Railway, which snakes its way through forests and upslopes before arriving at Fenqihu, a lovely settlement with the remnants of a Shinto temple, is a terrific opportunity to explore a lot of the reserve in one day. Alishan, home to the Tsou people, who are famous for their tea manufacturing, is an extraordinarily stunning site to explore, and your visitors will stay with you for a long time.

Kinmen Islands

This series of islands is located between Taiwan and China and is notable for being the location of a conflict between Nationalists and Communists in 1949, however, it is now better recognized as a popular tourist attraction. With so many brilliant flowers, woodlands, and natural reserves for visitors to enjoy on the islands, it is frequently referred to as “the park in the sea,” with Kinmen National Park being the most popular on offer. Kinmen is densely packed with historic structures. There are a lot of charming ancient buildings for tourists to admire, as well as a few beautiful beaches strewn about. The Kinmen Islands, famous for their indigenous goods and exquisite cuisine, are well worth a visit while in Taiwan.

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