10 Best Class Mods In Darkest Dungeon

If you want to have more choices for classes in Darkest Dungeon, these interesting mods are worth a try.

Darkest Dungeon is a dungeon-crawling game that has been praised by critics for its hard gameplay and Lovecraftian themes. The large modding community has made a lot of great material for players to enjoy, from custom bosses and mobs to whole new classes. This is one reason why the game is still so popular.

The Plague Doctor and the Highwayman are both unique takes on famous archetypes. The Assassin and the Lamia, on the other hand, are completely new ideas. Each class has its own set of skills, quirks, and backstory. Many mods also have their own custom art and set of items.

The Ringmaster

The Ringmaster mod

With the Ringmaster class mod, you can play as the person who runs the Butcher’s Circus. The cruel and powerful leader of the arena is a great addition to any team because she can help her friends in unique ways while hitting her enemies hard.

Her Trinket collection is interesting because all of the items are based on items from the Butcher’s Circus that can be used in PvP, but have been changed for single PvE play. Along with her story and skills, the new art and movements fit the game very well. Also, the cruel leader has been waiting a long time to fight again.

The Riftwatcher

10 Best Class Mods In Darkest Dungeon

The design of the Riftwatcher was heavily influenced by the Abysswatchers from Dark Souls 3. It looks beautiful and fits the idea of Darkest Dungeon very well.It is a very mobile class with many ways to move around. It can even move its allies to better spots.

Riftwatcher is good at long runs because it has several powers that keep it going. Even though he doesn’t have the best defense, he makes up for it by being sneaky and mobile. He can adapt to many different situations. Overall, it’s a fun class to try out different things with.


10 Best Class Mods In Darkest Dungeon

The Revenant is a unique tanking character whose skills revolve around the Bleed trait. He can do a lot of damage with his bleed ability, and he is also good at taking damage and protecting himself and his friends. With some healing, he can be a great leader for a lot of different types of teams.

It’s important to note that the mod also adds a new District that makes everyone’s Bleed skills better. This goes well with the Crimson Court DLC. The art and graphics are clean and go well with the overall look of the game.

The Librarian

10 Best Class Mods In Darkest Dungeon

According to legend, the Librarian is a smart researcher who accidentally joins the quest to fight corruption when she would much rather spend her time studying. She is a support character who is great at making her party’s damage go up and has a lot of tools to deal with damage and stress.

Her special ability is her buff, which makes it easier to earn XP for the rest of the quest or until you reach a camp. This can be very helpful when players need to quickly level up a group of heroes and get them ready for the dangers of the tunnels.


10 Best Class Mods In Darkest Dungeon

Cataphract is a class that looks a lot like Crusader and is based on the same idea. Cataphract can do good damage and move back and forth between the backline and the frontline. He can also heal the rest of the party very well.

She is a very useful friend who can add to many parties thanks to her camping skills and small items. The art style is great, and her skills have beautiful movements, especially when she dashes to the front and calls up an ethereal mount.

Dragonslayer Knight

10 Best Class Mods In Darkest Dungeon

The Dragonslayer is a strong and quick fighter who is ready to fight even the most dangerous enemies. Like the legendary Shieldbraker, he can move quickly and has a number of strikes that ignore protection and do a lot of damage to tanks with armor.

He is also hard to hit because most of his abilities give him more Dodge as he gets ready to use his strong lightning strikes to do a lot of damage and make his enemies weaker. When he gets hit by lightning, he loses the extra time he has to dodge, which makes him a little more exposed. However, destroying those annoying armored tanks is well worth it.

The Veiled

10 Best Class Mods In Darkest Dungeon

This one is for people who like to take chances and see how far their luck will go. The Veiled’s skills get a lot better the less HP he has. He is a great healer who can bring friends back from the edge of death, but it costs him his life to do this.

Aside from being able to heal himself, the Veiled can also stun and weaken his enemies, making it easier for his friends to finish the job. When he is close to dying, he can use his most powerful skills, which either heal everyone in the party or do a lot of damage to the enemy.


10 Best Class Mods In Darkest Dungeon

The monk uses the power of the spirits and his balance to deal with the game’s many obstacles. The combo system is what makes him different from most other characters. If his skills are used in the right order, they make other skills do more damage and have special effects.

He can also use healing skills to help out in a pinch, but this lowers his power output and makes him less likely to stay alive. Overall, his very different way of playing adds a very interesting twist to Drive Mad game.


10 Best Class Mods In Darkest Dungeon

With this class mod, you can dive into the dark and strange world of the Abysswalker. The story and boss fight of Artorias in Dark Souls were the inspiration for the Abysswalker, a figure who can switch between pure and corrupted forms.

As he gets more corrupted, his power goes up, which lets him do more damage and get boosts when it’s completely dark. Depending on what form he takes, he can do anything from beautiful sword strikes to wild jumps. The Abysswalker is a character who makes you play with a lot of stress and dance between being normal and going crazy so you can reach your full potential.


10 Best Class Mods In Darkest Dungeon

Marvin Seo has made so many famous characters over the years that they could each have their own list. The Red Hook team liked what he did enough to ask him to work on the Colors of Madness DLC. One of the most popular character mods on Steam and NexusMods right now is the Thrall.

The Thrall is an absolute powerhouse that can give and take a lot of damage. In addition to being very slow, he has a very dangerous flaw: if he gets 100 Stress, he goes straight into the Ferocious condition. In it, he can often use his terrifying power to attack his friends, quickly killing the whole party. In the end, he is a very strong but risky partner.

Darkest Dungeon is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.