10 Things to Know Before Hiring a Wedding Photo and Videographer


When you are having good moments in your life, time seems to run faster and you try to hold onto it. A wedding is also one of the best moments of someone’s life and they feel happy when they remember those times. In this case, we can consider the camera to be one of the greatest inventions of all time as it helps us to capture moments.

Are you preparing for your marriage and looking for a good photographer or, videographer to capture those moments? All the brides and grooms want to have a professional videographer to shoot their wedding videos or, for pre-wedding photoshoots. So that they can relive the moments by watching those videos with their family and friends.

A video of a wedding portrays the bonding of love and care between not only the partners but also between the family and friends. So a marriage ceremony is not complete without a videographer who can handle the camera with perfection. If you are confused about choosing the right videographer, then read this article to know about some important aspects before hiring a videographer.

Check the Professionalism:

Photography or videography demands skill with perfection which everyone cannot possess. Some photographers acquire perfection by getting trained and some are gifted with the talent of finding the perfect angle and capturing the shot. You must check how much professional the videographer is before hiring him/her. You cannot compromise with anything when it comes to your wedding as this moment won’t come back ever in your life. So the videographer should have good skills at capturing shots and making videos too.

Check the Equipment:

Just like you cannot with a war without the right weapons and trained soldiers, a photographer cannot get the best shot without his/her equipment. They need to have a good quality camera, it can be DSLR as it can capture crystal clear images. Since he/she will have to shoot videos, they should carry a camera stand, audio recorder, a drone if possible get wide angle shots and multiple cameras too. Light is considered to be the best element in photography and the lighting is not the same everywhere. So the photographer should carry lighting equipment to adjust light while doing photography.

Choose Multiple Photographers:

Since there are many types of rituals to be performed by both bride and groom, you don’t know when and where the photographer will be needed. So make sure multiple photographers are available so that there is not any special moment without being captured and rom photography is done well. There will be many guests too, who will also want to be captured on this special day. It is not possible for a single photographer to be present in every location, so you should hire a team of 3-4 photographers at least and one of them should be the head to guide them.

Check Their Experience:

Experience is important for perfection and when it comes to videography, one cannot be a good videographer without experience. The more experienced the videographer is the more ideas he)she has in capturing the best shots. When it comes to photography, perfect posing is also important. And you might have thought about some of the poses before the wedding but a videographer has got more ideas about creating a better and unique pose too. So you must choose an experienced photographer for rom photography to be satisfied with his/her work.

Check Their Previous Work:

The easier way to judge someone’s videography skill is to check their previous work at wedding functions. By watching their previous work you can understand if he/she is capable enough to get the responsibility of capturing you on the day of your wedding. Before going for the actual day photography and video, you can hire him/her for a pre-wedding shoot to check his/her skills. If you like the shots then you can hire him/her for the photography of your wedding. And if you want some changes in the way of capturing shots, you can also discuss it with them, so that they don’t do any mistakes on the actual day photography and video.

Try to Find Local Photographers:

There are many professional photographers available in an area, you can try to find the best one among them. So that you can reach them very easily and they can reach the location of your wedding very soon too. If the photographer is stay afar then, it can be time taking and he/she may miss some moments because of the time taken for the journey. So try to find local photographers to get them in the right place at the right time.

Check Their Personality:

A good personality is important to be a good photographer because one will have to listen to the demand of many people. Check if the photographer’s personality is good enough to understand your thoughts and this will help you get the best shots easily. He must not get irritated if you ask him/her to capture a moment more than twice or, thrice. He/she should try their best to make you satisfied with their way of taking shots.

Check Their Time Management Skills:

Being punctual is very important to be professional and you should mention the date of the wedding for actual day wedding photography and videography. Since photographers can also have a booking too, make sure they are free on the date of your wedding and they don’t have any other function to attend on that day. Because if this happens you will find the photographer missing from some of the events of the wedding. And they must be punctual too and must come to the venue of the wedding on time.

Check Their Budget:

Budget is an issue when it comes to the preparation of a wedding and you have to consider the budget of photography while making the estimation. The cost will depend on the hours of service you are demanding from them and the number of photographers you are going to hire. Different photographers may have different budgets too., You can compare the price with the quality of service before hiring them. Since it’s your wedding you must not compromise with the budget and choose the best photographers at a reasonable budget.

Check the Reputation:

You must check the reputation of the photographers before hiring them for wedding day photography. You can ask their previous customers about their service and if you don’t know any good photographers then you can make recommendations. You can ask your family members or, friends if they know some good photographers. Then you can meet with the photographer personally before hiring them and you can fix the budget too. Some of the photography services have their online sites too, where you can check on their photographers and also get reviews and ratings from their previous customers, Then you can choose photographers according to their reputation


We hope that this article will help you to find a good photographer in your area for your wedding function. So remember those points to make the searching easier and faster. All the best for the day of the wedding and make sure you are giving the responsibility of the wedding video in good hands.

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