13 Most Inspirational Books to Make Students Positive Towards Life

Someone has said it right, “A great book should leave you with many experiences and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading it.” Today’s generation considers books as just a bundle of paper that contains text and pictures to entertain them. Or, if not that, then it is a horror that scares them in college with their studies.

Several students love to read. They like to imagine and gain wisdom from someone’s experience and shape their life better. If you also have a passion for book reading, you must have academic trouble in college. We all know a book takes a lot of time and energy, and for someone who loves that, it’s dedication. That is why many students take dissertation help in college to continue their passion for reading and learning.

No one can describe the significance of a book with words. If you also believe this, here are the must-read 13 best books to help you maintain life better.

13 Must-Read Books for Students

The list of some of the most famous coming-of-age novels that are required reading for college students is provided below. These books help you learn how to respond when things are not going your way. They are all recommended by professional experts from assignment writing service. Have a look at them:

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1. The Alchemist

A captivating tale of a little shepherd kid who journeys to Egypt in pursuit of treasure from his village in Spain. He encounters a gypsy woman, an alchemist, and a self-styled monarch along the route, all of whom aid him in his conquest. 

This incredible tale encourages readers to follow their hearts no matter what happens by teaching them to overcome challenges. The Alchemist is a must-read for people with even the tiniest doubts about their talents.

2. The Last Lecture

This book is heartfelt and entertaining, and Randy Pausch’s outstanding farewell lecture inspired it. The author describes his teaching career experiences and the different situations that significantly impacted his life after being rendered unable to teach due to terrible pancreatic cancer.

This book, undoubtedly among the best nonfiction works, will motivate you to pursue your goals with tenacity.

3. The Grapes Of Wrath

This incredible piece by Nobel laureate John Steinbeck III is merely inspiring. He depicts the conflict between the wealthy and the poor in his story about the Joads, an immigrant family. 

An emotional portrayal of the harsh facts of society and the fractious class split will actively spark your desire to confront erroneous moral traditions. This profoundly human work of literature is well worth reading.

4. A Brave New World

Aldous Huxley’s interesting but powerful book captures the most striking aspect of imagination. He depicts a futuristic universe in which all that exists is mental brilliance. 

This hypothetical piece of fiction is sincerely inspired and imparts the pinnacle of wisdom and intellectual prowess.

5. The Stranger

The narrative emphasises the importance of free will and prompts you to accept responsibility for your choices. 

It tells the story of a person who kills a man without feeling bad about it and the repercussions that occur as a result.

6. Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter has influenced millions of people’s lives and imparted lessons on the value of having loved ones at our side. 

The show will continue to stand the test of time for upcoming generations. The story follows him on a wild voyage through Hogwarts’ enchanted campus.

7. To Kill a Mocking Bird

In this novel, Harper Lee captures human emotions and behaviour most beautifully. 

The narrative emphasises the simultaneous sensations of love, hate, hypocrisy, innocence, and prejudice.

8. Free Food for Millionaires

Free Food for Millionaires’ storyline centres on an American-Korean girl who graduates from Princeton and the conflicts between what she wants for herself and what her parents want. 

It talks about the generational differences between parents and children and the pressure college graduates feel to live up to everyone else expectations.

9. The Art of War

You experience ongoing challenges in your life as a student. You can learn valuable life lessons from this book to deal with issues that arise every day. The author asserts that developing a plan and being ready to seize opportunities as they present themselves is essential for success in life.

According to the author, there are only five primary colours, but when combined, they create more hues than are ever visible. This passage from the book demonstrates how to utilise your resources to their fullest potential.

10. The Seat of The Soul

The Seat of the Soul, a book by Gary Zukav, offers an original perspective on life that combines religion, philosophy, and science. The book’s central theme is that humans are going through a psychological and spiritual evolution. The change from external to internal power is a part of this evolution. 

According to Zukav, our five senses can only receive power from the outside world. This power is fictitious because external forces can take it away. However, internal control is genuine because the person wholly possesses it. The book’s goal is to show the reader how to develop this inner fortitude so they can handle life’s ups and downs.

11. Of Mice & Men

An unputdownable tale of two ambitious friends trying to make it in the less than the romantic world. They encounter several challenges while looking for work on farms near California and try to overcome them using their limited resources. 

This a lovely book that emphasises the value of optimism and friendship and encourages every student to value their friends and have a positive outlook on life.

12. Steve Jobs

This Steve Jobs biography is based on interviews he and his friends and family gave. Steve frequently distorted reality. He could convince people to share his convictions wholeheartedly.

It thus teaches you the importance of being able to defend your beliefs. The book is highly motivating. It inspires you to take on unusual endeavours. You can continually improve the world in which you live as a student.

13. The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner is a heartwarming story about Amir and Hassan’s genuine friendship and their long-term search to rekindle their connection. The story takes place in Afghanistan at a time when unrest was beginning to rule the nation.

Hope you read the books as recommended and are inspired to gain a deeper understanding of life. If you’re a student and need assistance writing assignments, reports, dissertations, etc., get in touch with the online dissertation help. They offer writing services for all kinds of academic documents at reasonable rates.


Ajay Nayar has extensive experience in this field and is a college professor. He has talked to many students and is aware of their difficulties when writing dissertations. He has been providing dissertation help and assignment writing service for over six years. He works as a professional writer for Assignment Desk to help students have more free time to practise their writing. He spends his free time reading, writing, and shopping.

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