15 Typical and Odd Pregnancy Side Effects

A really beautiful thing, pregnancy. Almost every married woman desires to become pregnant, bring her pregnancy to term, and deliver a healthy, adorable child. Like everyone else, you women want to get pregnant and have children. You should be aware of every relevant detail when making plans. For gynaecological help, you can speak with a doctor, Like Dr Farhan Malik, MD who can also educate you on pregnancy. In this article You should be aware of the following typical and peculiar pregnancy side effects read out and live some comments:

Gum bleeding

hormone changes take place during pregnancy. Your oral health is impacted by these changes. According to a research, 40% of pregnant women have gingivitis that has progressed. This development is caused by progesterone. Your gums may have plaque damage from gingivitis, which causes bleeding gums.

The look of the breast

Your areolas may darken and your nipple may protrude as you are ready to have a baby. Progesterone and oestrogen hormone levels rise as a result. Old proverbs claim that it is the development of a definite target for the baby when breastfeeding, even if this has not been proven via scientific studies.


According to a few studies, rhinitis affects 40% of pregnant women. Sneezing, congestion, and a runny nose are symptoms of pregnant rhinitis. These symptoms typically develop in the first or third trimester and go away two weeks after the baby is born.

Bladder management

You have increased strain on your bladder while pregnant because of the growth of your unborn child. Pregnancy incontinence is when you experience a leak because of the added pressure. It can be brought on by hormones, pressure, UTIs, and other medical issues.

Breakouts of acne

Acne is more likely to affect almost half of pregnant women. It occurs because the skin produces more sebum, or natural oil, than usual. During the first or third trimester, hormonal changes cause this production to occur.


A rise in the hormone progesterone is the cause of pregnancy side effects. Muscle tension is reduced. As a result, the digestive system and intestines operate differently. Pregnant women get constipation as a result. According to several specialists, it occurs in over 75% of pregnant women.


An rise in gas is the pregnancy’s strange side effect. The progesterone hormone level rises during the first trimester. Your intestines relax as a result of this rise. Additionally, a rise in oestrogen causes your body to feel uncomfortable and retain gas.

Foot length

According to numerous studies, between 60% and 70% of pregnant women experience changes to their feet. Foot growth ranges from 2 to 10 millimetres. The stiffness and foot height both decrease. The foot lengthens as a result of this.

Skin itch

Mild itching is fairly prevalent in pregnant women because of an increased blood supply to the skin. Your belly skin stretches as your pregnancy progresses, making it itch more. Without any rash, some of you may endure excruciating itching.

Acid reflux

Your stomach is under additional pressure throughout the third trimester. This results in improper handling and utilisation of stomach acid, which gives you heartburn. Heartburn affects about 50% of pregnant women.

Leg pain

In the second and third trimesters, leg cramps are frequent. They occur because bearing extra body weight puts stress on your blood vessels, muscles, and nerves.

Olfactory system

Women’s olfactory sensitivity increases during pregnancy. The oestrogen hormone level has increased as a result. During pregnancy, you notice a dramatic rise in both good and undesirable odours. Scientific research is scant on this.

Painful breasts

One of the most typical adverse effects of pregnancy is sore breasts. Your breasts are more sensitive and sore as a result of an increase in progesterone and oestrogen hormones. An increased blood flow to your nippled breasts may make them feel very sore.

Pregnancy Side Effects


Hot flushes and excessive sweating are possible throughout the first and third trimesters of pregnancy. It is brought on by an increase in your body’s hormones, metabolism, and blood flow. Your body cools off thanks to the additional sweat.

Vaginal oozing

You will notice certain changes in your vaginal discharge throughout your pregnancy. The frequent pregnant condition leukorrhea causes you to urinate out a milky-white, thin, mild-smelling fluid. If you observe a change, speak with your gynaecologist.

Blurry Vision

No, it’s not your imagination. If you’ve noticed your vision seeming a little fuzzier than normal, it could be related to pregnancy. All those fluids you’re retaining can actually have an affect on the shape of your corneas, which can cause your eyesight to blur slightly. And it can happen regardless of your pre-pregnancy eyesight, so even if you’ve never needed glasses or contact lenses before, you might find yourself wondering if you need them all of a sudden. But don’t run to the optometrist to update your prescription just yet—your vision will likely go back to normal during postpartum recovery.


Being pregnant is wonderful. It not only makes you feel good, but it also modifies how your body functions. Unusual changes include painful breasts, acne, diarrhoea, and congestion. In addition to the previously listed adverse effects, you may also have increased salivation, haemorrhoids, and restless legs syndrome. During your pregnancy, if you observe anything out of the ordinary, you should speak with your doctor and you can our visit prime family care clinic in new jersey.

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