There is no doubt that the high and mighty fashion at London Fashion Week’s spring fashion 2013 has spilled over into the streets of the city. Indeed, London street style has all the girls walking the streets, sidewalks, and side streets with the dresses that everyone finds to be stylish and fashionable. Ladies seem to be keeping up with the street style trend as they wear simple yet beautiful attires. With the LFW over, it definitely serves as a springboard to entice classic dressers to come up and wear their versions of London street styles.

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Here are some of the London Street styles during the London Fashion Week Spring/Summer of 2013 that will look great in spring of next year:

Streets during the fashion week were littered with women – fashion editors and bloggers, designers, and gawkers – who were brave enough to wade through London streets wearing maxi bold prints. There are straps, series of chain belts, and huge zippers that dominated many women’s mix-matched dress ensemble. There were also a lot of precious stones and minerals that were in play such as gold and gold plated accessories, and studs in Balenciaga bags, among many others. Others on the street were happy to display their color block dressed with transparent thick-plastic shoulder bags securely tucked in their arms.

With the London Fashion week filled with shows that flaunted patterned and printed designs, one of the most sought after will definitely be polka dots this coming season. Polka dots will be a dominating pattern to be found on street style dresses next year. The dots will be presented in various sizes and colors, in any attempt to prevent the lady wearer from becoming fashion wallpaper. In fact, with multi-sized, multi-colored, polka-dotted blouse or skirt, any woman is sure to be head turner.

Peplum is one design that can be seen just about everywhere and the wearer will look great on it. Women will definitely have a great time walking down the streets and inner streets of London donning stylish pencil skirts with peplum. This apparel goes well even with just a simple blouse and a pair of high heels.

Put simply, when it comes to street style London fashion 2013, nobody will present it better than the average London girl on the streets. She is the chicest and meanest when it comes to street style. And with all of the spring street fashion that’s available, this gives everyone the chance to wear and strut them around along the streets and sidewalks come spring time.

People who are curious about where the most expensive retail-type commercial real estate properties are located should look no further than the Bal Harbour real estate market where a price per-square-foot of $2,555 is charged at the world-famous Bal Harbour Shops.

Despite being almost 7 times the industry average price per-square-foot – which happens to be $451 – the upscale retail center manages to garner increasing sales even during relatively slow months of business. In June when the price per-square-foot was at $2,514, the retail center managed to achieve an increase in sales of 20 percent.

It seems that business is doing exceptionally well within the upscale village of Bal Harbour which is located on the northern oceanfront section of the barrier island of Miami Beach. As the tourist season begins to reach its peak, people are eagerly in anticipation of the South American market which are notoriously known to prefer luxurious options such as the ones being offered within the upscale village.

Even the residential sector of the market has been seeing a great deal of impressive activity in recent months. Early in August 2012, one avid luxury property buyer purchased five units at the St Regis Bal Harbour for $24.6 million.

Nevertheless, the unprecedented success of the Bal Harbour Shops has definitely proven to be such an amazing example of how a luxury location can hold the key when it comes to unlocking profitable achievements. In fact, there are plans to add even more options to the market as additional space is now intended to be created for 50 more tenants at the open-air shopping center known to carry brands such as Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Gucci, and many more.

There have been speculations regarding another development project set for Miami’s Design District which is reported to be the relocation option for numerous shops – including ones that used to be situated at Bal Harbour Shops. However, there is no grave threat for the local real estate market as its unique location makes it the only oceanfront paradise setting which offers the highest degree of luxury within the region today.

Rihanna the singer gives her audience an edgy look- whether it is at the Grammys, her music videos or her movies. She wears a wide variety of edgy chic clothes that captivates the attention of many people. She never wears off her spectators. She always gives us a show that wins us up craving for more Rihanna. No matter how elegantly quiet a piece of clothing is, when Rihanna wears it, drums roll into oblivion- She never fails to make noise out of her unique look and fashion. Even teddy bears look good on her.

She has been caught wearing awesome pieces from famous boutique clothing stores like Gucci, Alexander Wang, Marchesa, Balenciaga, Lanvin, Armani, Calvin Clein, Fendi, Donna Karen, J Brand, Stella Mccartney, Louboutin and Herve Ledger. These are all big names and big boutique clothing stores in the fashion industry.

She has Mel Ottenburg as her stylist and right now, she is doing a very good job of pleasing both her clients and the spectators of her clients. Glamorous dresses, off the shoulders blouses, cute casual dresses and fancy tank tops, everything looks good on her. Who would not want to dress this DIVAlicious edgy chic goddess?

In her “Loud” tour, every jacket that she rips off brings in a scandalous sensation that eggs on her fans to wait and see what fabulous piece she has for her audience.

Some of the famous boutique clothing stores clothes that she surely enjoys wearing are Danielle Scutt, Max Azria, Mark Fast, Levi’s Mark Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Helmut Lang, A.L.C., Balmain and Michael Kors. All of them are doing a good job in either dressing her or providing her with clothes that suit her personality and style.

From her hair color, hair style to her make-up, clothes, shoes and accessories, she never fails to be a fashion icon. She had her camouflage moments, she shows us a lot of her cleavage, crop tops look good on her, she makes leather pants look sexy, she makes boyish short hair look awesome, she wears sneakers like a pro and she wears awesome tattoos as accessories. What more can be said about this Fashion goddess?

She wears clothes like an embodiment of spectacular. She is Rihanna. Her bone structure is perfection and her eyes never lack that dark sensational emotion. Every dress suits her. In Monte Carlo’s maxi dress, she looks absolutely stunning with those blue floral prints on that white fabric.

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Because of her love for fashion, she suddenly decides that she wants to have a fashion line – and she did. She is to design garments from street wear to chic wear for a UK boutique clothing store named River Island for a spring line in 2013. gettoplists

There are a lot of edgy sensations in both the TV and the music industry- but no one can even match up or pull off clothes the way that she does it. Her clothes are both wearable and fashionable and that is what separates her from the other people in her industry