6 Tips For Redesigning The UI For Your University Website

Your University website is the first place, where you’ll interact with your prospective students. And according to research by ResearchGate, 94% of first impressions are influenced by website design. Hence, it is crucial for Universities/Institutions to get their web design right. And to keep the website relevant and SEO-friendly, website redesigning becomes important. And there are several points that should be taken care of while redesigning the website.

In this blog, we have uncovered some of the best practices to remember while redesigning your University website’s UI.

Table Of Contents
What do you mean by website redesign?
What is the need of redesigning the UI of your website?
6 tips to keep in mind while redesigning your University’s website
Why Choose Digital Marketing Agency for your University website design?
Final Words
Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by website redesign?

The process of upgrading your website’s visual appeal and user experience is known as a website redesign. This entails reorganizing and analyzing the current content, structure, color design, and navigation. Additionally, it might concentrate on improving the technical performance and site speed, as well as improving SEO and making the responsive web design.

What is the need of redesigning the UI of your website?

In the digital era, good user experience is essential for businesses. And Website redesign is an effective strategy for upgrading the user experience that your website offers by paying greater attention to the user’s usability and engagement and assuring more sales conversions.

You should get your website redesigned if-

  • Your website looks outdated
  • You want to do a rebranding
  • Facing a low conversion rate
  • Unresponsive design
  • The information architecture looks complex.

6 tips to keep in mind while redesigning your University’s website

About Us section– About Us section is the most important page of your institute’s website. Most of the prospective students and their parents visit this page to determine whether your college is a perfect fit for them or not. So, while redesigning your website it is very important to communicate all the upgradation, awards, and achievements to your UI/UX design services provider so that they can update the section.

Group navigation- According to research, visitors on average spend more than 6 seconds viewing the navigation bar. Hence, it is very crucial to have a useful and attractive navigation bar.

Also, the University website has a lot of content, and it is not easy to find everything with one-click access. Hence, it is a best practice to group navigation by type such as content-based, audience-based, and utility-based navigation. 

Provide Mapping– There are plenty of pages available on university websites. Implementing breadcrumbs can help users avoid being frustrated by letting them know where they are, where they’ve gone, and where they can go.

You also need to check whether the hyperlinks are well-placed or not. There should not be too less or overoptimization of hyperlinks. The usage of too many hyperlinks on your website will make visitors quickly navigate to another page. And to make visitors stay on your website for a long, you can add buttons and content categories on the resource pages.

Do not deviate from widely recognized navigational conventions- Do not try to be creative when it comes to naming & ordering navigation. Follow the standard practice followed by your competitor’s Universities so that students can easily find out what they are searching for.

Clearly define academic programs and degrees– Prospective students visit your website to search whether your University offers the course they are looking for. Additionally, they want to be able to comprehend the course’s differences from your University and other Universities. Hence, it is crucial to update all the essential information related to the course, such as course details, curriculum, specializations, duration, course outcome, etc.

Make your User interface easy to understand- If your User interface is complex, try to make it simple while redesigning the site. To make your UI looks efficient and effective, you can break down the information into smaller parts and present in the website.

Why Choose Digital Marketing Agency for your University website design?

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Final Words,

Redesigning a website is difficult as compared to designing a fresh website as it involves fixing issues with the existing design rather than just changing the User Interface. Additionally, it is a big decision that involves your time and money. So, always keep the above-mentioned tips in mind and pick the best digital marketing agency in India for your University website’s redesign services.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the cost of redesigning a University website?

Website redesigning is a customized service, and hence the price of the service will vary depending on these factors-

  • The size of your website
  • The difficulty of the redesign
  • The need for a content management system
  • The complexity of the design
  • The digital marketing agency you hire for redesigning services.

2. What is the importance of core web vitals?

Core web vitals helps in increasing the visibility of your website and assist in keeping it neat and organized. These vitals also helps in increasing your website’s exposure and ranking in browsers and make surfing easier for your audience.

  1. What are the key elements of a website?

The key elements of a website are-

  • Visuals of the website
  • Website mobile-friendliness
  • Easy navigation
  • Informative & engaging content
  • Website Security

4. What are the phases of a website redesign?

Website redesign includes 7 phases-

  • Planning and definition
  • Choosing a content management system
  • Review of Website Architecture and Content
  • Visual design
  • Website development
  • Testing of the website
  • Post-launch and launch analysis

5. What is the objective of a University website?

The objectives of a University website are-

  • Communicating the University’s values and establishing its brand name
  • To attract prospective students for admission
  • Providing our existing students with pertinent and easily accessible information.
  • Promoting the courses and research work of the University.