6 Valuable Tips for Enhancing Your Security Guard Service

In the article section, we will delve into the methods to enhance the quality of your security guard services by introducing novel concepts and scrutinizing the top-notch ones. Since we have already provided an overview of the fundamental aspects of security guard service in our preceding articles, we can now present six pragmatic tips based on our extensive experience which can potentially resolve 80-90% of security guard concerns that prospective buyers encounter.

Review the Supervision System for Security Guards

Securing a contractor that possesses appropriate systems for remotely overseeing your guards is a pivotal aspect in ensuring exceptional security services. In the absence of adequate supervision provided by your security contractor, your guards may not receive satisfactory training and lack motivation. Moreover, unsupervised guards often perceive their job as trivial, leading to unprofessional conduct such as tardiness and theft. Prior to entering into a contract with a security guard company, it is imperative to inquire about their guard supervision procedures. As previously elaborated, there are various forms of supervision including:

  • Random spot checks using field supervisors
  • Guard check-Ins

Evaluate the training received by the security guard

Insufficient satisfaction with the security guard service could indicate subpar training. To enhance your security guard services, it is essential to evaluate the quality of your contractor’s orientation, known as Site Specific Training. A thorough assessment of this training should comprise a review of the following aspects:

  • Whether the training occurred at your property?
  • Who was responsible for providing the training?
  • What was the duration of the training provided to each guard?
  • Is there a set of post orders that could serve as a training resource?

To ensure that the guards will be competent in serving your property, it is advisable to attend an orientation where you can observe their preparedness after undergoing training.

Verify Your Guards Qualifications

In order to adhere to regulations, it is customary for security guards to undergo a specific amount of training prior to obtaining their license in most states. It is advised to research the requirements in your particular state and confirm that the security guards provided by your security guard company are in compliance with said standards. Additionally, to ensure a harmonious partnership, it is recommended that you retain the option to conduct an interview with any potential guards PRIOR to them being assigned to your property. This preliminary conversation can provide insight into what you can expect from the security guards. If, following the interview, it becomes apparent that the assigned guard is not a suitable match for your needs, there is an opportunity to request a different guard.

Conducting inspections can enhance your security

Conducting an unscheduled check of your property outside of regular business hours can be an effective method for evaluating the effectiveness of your security measures when you are absent. During the course of the inspection, it is recommended that you engage your guards with relevant questions about their responsibilities to confirm their comprehension of the duties assigned to them. Alternatively, hiring an external security consultant may prove advantageous. However, it is important to ensure that the third-party consultant you engage is not affiliated with any security company to avoid a potential conflict of interest.

Meet Regularly With Your Contractor

One effective method to enhance security measures is through frequent communication and collaboration with the contracted security guard team. These gatherings may occur in either a formal or informal setting, and can even be conducted through a telephone call. The main objective of these meetings is to offer constructive feedback about the performance of the guards. By supplying constant feedback, there will be continuous opportunities to advance the quality of the security service. The topics that can be discussed during these meetings might involve the tenants’ feedback, supervisory systems’ feedback, guard attrition, and the outcomes of security audits. These regular meetings will benefit both sides by illustrating the expectations and finding possibilities to achieve satisfactory levels of service.

To Improve Your Security Services Choose A Quality Contractor

Out of the 6 recommendations presented in this article, the sixth one appears to be the most intuitive. It is somewhat surprising to note, however, that this is also the one most frequently ignored. As is the case with most aspects of life, you will receive results commensurate with the effort you invest. Even though it may seem that the various security guard companies on the market are more or less the same, the robust quality assurance policies that underpin customer satisfaction come at a cost. Therefore, it behooves you to conduct careful evaluations of potential vendors and assess their capabilities and prior accomplishments. Finally, choose the security guard company that possesses the capacity to meet the exacting demands of your enterprise.


In conclusion, implementing valuable tips for enhancing your security guard services can significantly improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your security operations. By prioritizing training and education, establishing clear communication channels, utilizing technology and automation, and promoting a proactive approach to security, you can create a safer and more secure environment for your clients and stakeholders. Remember, continuous evaluation and adaptation are crucial in keeping up with emerging threats and maintaining the highest standards of security. By implementing these tips, you can elevate the quality of your security guard services and provide enhanced protection for your organization.