Chadar Trek- A wild adventure in Ladakh 

Chadar Trek- A wild adventure in Ladakh 


 preface to Chadar Trek 


 still, the Chadar journey is for you, If you want to witness a strong gush of adrenaline. 


 The Chadar Trek or the Frozen River journey is known to be one of the most delicate journeys of the great Himalayan range of mountains. 


 Starting from the vill of Chilling near the megacity of Leh in Jammu & Kashmir, the Chadar Trek is a downtime journey and is accepted in the months of December to February every time. 


 The pedestrians have to walk on the Zanskar swash which freezes over during these downtime months as the temperatures drop to as low as minus twenty degrees. It has been rated as a ‘ delicate ’ journey and isn’t recommended for neophyte pedestrians. But don’t let this fail you. 


 Let’s have a quick regard of why Chadar journey is a journey every adventurist must witness. 








 The frozen Zanskar River receives hundreds of callers for the Chadar Trek every time and with good reason. After all, where differently in the world would you get to spend so important time in similar spellbinding surroundings? 


 Walking on the frozen swash while watching the mesmerizing snow covered mountains is an instigative proposition in itself. You’ll get a chance to interact with and witness the culture of the original Ladakhi people who live along the Zanskar River all time round. 


 Since the journey passes through some of the most solitary locales, you also have a good occasion for spotting rare wildlife similar as the ibex, the original mountain scapegoat and if you’re lucky, indeed a snow leopard or two. 


 Chadar Trek is also not simply an passage into the mountains but is, in fact, a veritably grueling adventure which tests your strength against the harsh climate and steep terrain. 




 Do n’t you want to feel that gleam of pleasure and revivification as you conquer the insolvable? Then are a many tips that will help you fix yourself for the Chadar Trek. 




 What to carry for the Chadar Trek? 


 Since you’ll be travelling insub-zero temperatures, warm apparel including heavy jackets, caps, gloves and several dyads of socks are necessary. You’ll also need ice picks and heavy trekking thrills for walking on snow. 


 piecemeal from this, it’s largely recommended to equip yourself with the standard touring gear similar as touring pole, water bottle, mac 

 , sunglasses and the suchlike. 




 Are permits needed? 


 The Chadar Trek is a part of an ecologically sensitive area and thus a wildlife/ terrain protection figure is charged by the government from all pedestrians. Generally, the permits are arranged for by the touring stint driver and included in the package cost. still, if you’re taking care of it yourself, also you’ll have to arrange for the necessary permits in Leh. 




 How important does the Chadar Trek cost? 


 utmost of the journey drivers conducting the Chadar Trek charge nearly between INR 20K to 25K depending on what all they include in the journey. This cost is only for the factual journey trip and the to and fro tickets from Leh aren’t included in this. 




 What’s the difficulty position of the Chadar Trek? 


 Chadar Trek is rated as a ‘ delicate ’ high- altitude journey and thus recommended only for educated pedestrians. Physical fitness is also essential and those suffering from habitual ails similar as asthma aren’t allowed on this journey. You’ll also need a croaker

 ’s instrument to prove your fitness along with attestations of former journeys you have accepted to come eligible for this. 




 What’s the stylish time to go on the Chadar Trek? 


 Chadar Trek is a downtime journey and takes place between December and March every time. The stylish time, still, ismid-January tomid-February as this is the ideal time for the ice wastes on the frozen swash to be fully stable. 




 What are the obligatory documents needed for this journey? 


 You’ll need to carry your original ID evidence along with photocopies of the same. For foreign citizens, carrying their passport is a must-have. You’ll also need 4 passport size photos for putting on permits as needed. 








 Get Set Go 


 still, also the Chadar Trek is what you’re looking for, If you want a journey through a thrilling terrain which tests your stamina and survival instincts while treating you to stunning views of the mountain. 


 The Chadar Trek is believed far and wide to be the journey of a continuance but you need to witness it yourself to believe it. So, what are you staying for? Get ready to embark on the most amazing trip you have ever accepted. Bespeak your journey moment and start preparing.

this is all about the The Chadar Trek is a part of an ecologically sensitive area and thus a wildlife/ terrain protection figure is charged by the government from all pedestrians. Generally, the permits are arranged for by the touring stin

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