7 Things To Consider When Booking A Wedding DJ

A wedding day is one of the most important days in life, whether yours or someone else’s. A little sprinkle of music and champagne ( or your favorite drink? ) makes this day even more special. A wedding DJ brings the perfect blend of entertainment to this big day. Being a DJ is not just about playing your favorite music, but it is about creating a magical time for you and your guests that lasts in memories forever. 

When this music guy can play that important role in this big occasion, you must hire the right person, team, or company, especially when you live in Essex. Essex is the hub of entertainment services, so it’s common to stumble upon someone non-deserving of your money. In this guide, we will cover 7 important things that you can use to hire a wedding DJ Essex. So if you are ready to know, let’s get you started!

7 Things To Consider When Booking A Wedding DJ Essex 

Essex is a big place, so doing your due diligence before hiring the DJ is a smart decision. After all, who wants to be hit with bad surprises on their wedding day? 

 Check If The Dates Are Available With The DJ

Most of the time, DJs stay in high demand, which means they may be already booked for the dates you are looking for. Before even investing your time to research any further, knowing if they have dates available will help. Also, it will narrow down your searches around the DJs.

To check the dates, you can visit your favorite DJ’s website to submit your query. If they provide a phone number to call, it’s the cherry on top. Go on a dial the digits to talk to them about the dates. If everything goes alright, you can move on with the DJ to see what they have for you. 

Know Their Experience 

Many things come with experience, like when to play a song, when to shift from one song to another, how to create melodies, and how to add customized music. These are one of the many qualities that a Dj should possess to make your event more lively. 

After booking your consultation with your approved DJ, make a list of questions you want to ask. “How many years of experience do you have?” This should be one of the very first questions you want to put forward. This will give you an idea about what type of clients they have served. Also, the experience can help you check the backspace of successful and unsuccessful events. After weighing everything according to your priorities, you can proceed with the DJ. 


The next thing you want to know about your DJ is their packages. Packages can include several things like the wedding DJ hire, photo booth, prints, custom music playlist, wedding dance floor hire essex, uplighting setup for the room, etc. 

Depending on the services, they can cost anywhere from £895 to £1385. Trez Entertainment is one of the best DJ hire services in Essex that you can trust. They are a full-on entertainment company that has been working in the business for 10 years and has an amazing clientele. It’s not just said they have proven themselves one of the most prominent services in Essex.

Pricing and Payment Method

After choosing the packages, you already have an idea of prices. However, sometimes there are additional costs. You want to know if there are additional logistics and setup costs. If you want to avoid the additional payment, consulting with your DJ prior to hiring them is better.

Also, knowing about the payment methods and how they expect you to pay them is important. Sometimes you have to pay half before and a half after the event. However, it’s just a rough idea, and you must talk to your DJ about the payments.

What Type Of Music can they play? 

Here comes the main point, you have hired the DJ for entertainment. Only the perfect music can provide this dose of entertainment. A wedding DJ Essex service can offer you several types of music, including customized music. You can give them a “to-play” list containing all the songs you want to be played at your wedding. 

You can also direct them when you want to play a song. For example, a special song for bridal entry or couple dance will make the occasion even more exciting for the guests and you guys.

Along with the “to-play” list, you can also give them a “not-to-play” list. In this list, you can give them a list of songs that you don’t want to hear on your big day. If any guests demand to play the songs added to your not-to-play list, experienced DJs know how to squash the requests politely.

Ask If They have Backups, In Case Of Any Unexpected Accidents.

Broken equipment, lighting out, or other things you want to avoid happening is very common. However, an experienced DJ knows how to deal with these things most of the time. They already have the backup. 

Yet, there are chances that a DJ might not include a backup, so you want to confirm it. Remember to ask your DJ what they will do if anything happens out of planning. If they give you a satisfactory answer, you can make them your partner for the big day.

Wrapping Up!

These are the seven things that you should know before hiring a DJ. Taking necessary measurements is important because you spend your hard-earned money hiring a service. On top of that, it’s for your big day, meaning there are no chances to run anything. 

An experienced Wedding DJ Essex service like Trez Entertainment can be your perfect partner. Not only do their 10 years of experience vouch for them, but also their packages and services stand out among the other services in Essex. Also, they are easy to get in touch with. All you have to do is to visit their website. With that said, we hope you will find the perfect service for your wedding DJ hire. Thank you for reading this guide.