8 Best & Fun Things to Do in West Palm Beach, Florida

Do you want to know what kinds of activities there are in West Palm Beach? Take your children to aquariums, water parks, and museums, as well as find instructive activities that they will enjoy. With so much to offer, the list of fun things to do in West Palm Beach below will help you pick where to begin. Visit South Florida’s wildlife, zoos, and preserves, and spend evenings laughing at comedy clubs.

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Fun Things to Do in West Palm Beach:

1. Palm Beach County History Museum

Begin your exploration of West Palm Beach by visiting the Richard & Pat Johnson Palm Beach Country History Museum. Explore rotating exhibits that highlight how Palm Beach County has evolved over time.

You will see images and hear about the area’s pillars, such as medical care, women’s rights, and agriculture, throughout your stay. Also, the museum hosts events on topics such as haunted legends and Hispanic heritage. Learn about the history of Native Americans in the area and the Everglades, as well as what Juneteenth means to millions of Americans.

2. The Square

Do you want to know where the locals go in West Palm Beach? A busy vacation awaits you in The Square, known as Rosemary Square. Visit The Wishing Tree to view a one-of-a-kind art installation that merges nature and technology. After that, visit West Pavilion Palm and be delighted by the spectacular fountain display. Furthermore, The Square has first-rate shopping, including art, apparel, and home décor.

If you need a break, head to one of the many eateries for a casual meal of burgers or more modern interpretations on classic dishes. Finally, have a look at the regular events that take place at The Square.

3. Grassy Waters Preserve

If you’re looking for outdoor locations to explore in West Palm Beach, Grassy Waters Preserve has a variety of activities as well as magnificent scenery. The preserve is an important part of the Great Everglades wetlands ecosystem.

Take a relaxing nature walk along one of the many pathways, such as the Cypress Boardwalk, and you will be transported to a peaceful and serene natural environment. View alligators, deer, herons, and other wildlife. You can also go for a kayak or canoe excursion along Gator Lake or explore the area while birdwatching.

4. Palm Beach

Water activities are essential to any trip to West Palm Beach. A kayaking tour with Visit Palm Beach will be a memorable experience. The tour organisation provides a variety of experiences, such as a Mangroves & Mansions tour. Paddle across the South Cover Natural Area to observe gorgeous mangrove islands, manatees, and sea turtles.

You’ll also be able to see some of the huge mansions that dot Palm Beach Island. If you’d rather explore Peanut Island, take a tour of the 80-acre property and take in the tropical scenery. A sunset or sunrise kayak cruise, when you can see the sky change colour and observe a lot of wildlife activity, is a stunning experience.

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5. Rapids Waterpark

If you’re in Florida during the summer and looking for a way to cool down, Rapids Waterpark is one of the most fun things to do in West Palm Beach. Rides like Tubin Tornadoes and Riptide Raftin, as well as Body Blasters and Raging Rapids, are great for the whole family. A variety of wonderful attractions are available for little children. Allow your children to play in Big Surf or Splash Hill before taking a break and trying some cuisine at one of the snack shops or cafés. 

6. Peanut Island

Are you looking for amazing beaches around West Palm Beach? Take the shuttle boat to Peanut Island, where you’ll discover a great beach area with a variety of traditional Florida activities. Spend the day on the man-made tropical getaway, snorkelling, swimming, and relaxing on the beach.

Furthermore, there are fishing spots and campgrounds on the island, allowing guests to stay for an extended period of time. Relax with a meal at one of the pavilions before exploring the island on the provided walking route. If you’re camping for the night, spend an evening grilling up some food and relaxing by the fire.

7. Lion Country Safari

Lion Country Safari is one of the top things to do in West Palm Beach and the surrounding area. The drive-through safari is on around 600 acres of land and is home to over 900 animals. Seven unique habitats can be seen when driving the 4-mile span within the preserve.

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Before travelling to the Ruaha National Park habitat, see tortoises, pelicans, and the Brazilian Tapir in the Las Pampas area. Get up close and personal with ostriches, Greater Kudu, and impalas. Then, see the Eastern Bongo, wildebeest, giraffes, and chimps, among other animals. Before you go, take your children to the adventure park. 

8. Northwood Village

Northwood Village is a great place to go if you’re searching for something different in West Palm Beach. The local ambiance, which mixes a historic and bohemian feel, will enchant you while you’re there. Explore intimate art galleries or enjoy a wine stroll once a month before sampling delicious food.

Northwood Village is a foodie’s dream, serving experimental, casual, and gourmet foods. After you’ve had your fill of the food, go for a walk and check out some of the bright murals on show. 

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